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Thread: Dr. Johnny Teague for Congress, Texas CD 9 Vs. Amnesty proponent Rep. Al Green

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    Dr. Johnny Teague for Congress, Texas CD 9 Vs. Amnesty proponent Rep. Al Green

    Campaign Information

    Completed by: _Dr. Johnny Teague_____________________________
    (name) (date)

    Are you the Candidate or Campaign Manager?_I am the Candidate____________________

    Name of Incumbent: Al Green

    Name of Your Campaign: Johnny Teague for Congress

    Mailing Address: 12714 Carriage Glen Drive, Tomball, Texas 77377

    State and District: Texas, CD9

    Social Media Links: Facebook - Johnny Teague for Congress, or Johnny Mark Teague

    Campaign Phone Number: 281-924-4460

    Political Party:Republican

    Primary challenger, General Election challenger, or incumbent? I won the primary over two other opponents with almost 60% of the vote and now am running in the General Election against Al Green.

    If your opponent is a GOP incumbent, what percentage Democrat would you rate him/her on immigration issues?

    Candidate Survey

    Tell us your candidate's positions regarding the active legislation and policies below.

    1. Do you support
    or oppose immigration Reform Amnesty legislation like HB 6 for millions of illegal immigrants?


    2. Do you support or oppose more green cards and imported workers from India and China found in HB 1044/S 386?


    3. Do you support or oppose New Temporary Protective Status (TPS) Amnesty for Venezuelans?


    4. Do you Support or Oppose the current DACA Amnesty protections from deportation and work permits for more than 800,000 illegals?


    5. Do you support or oppose the current
    catch and release and asylum policies at our border for illegal immigrants?



    I thank you for your kind consideration. I believe in loving all people regardless of where they come from. We welcome those who want to be free, who want to work and make a better life for themselves in this exceptional nation, but only those who enter the right way, who want to obey our laws and honor our Constitution and borders. If an individual breaks the law to enter, they will most likely break other laws for their own advantage. No one is "entitled" to freely enter and leave this land to take advantage of what others have worked so hard to gain. I believe in laws to protect our citizens. It is a special thing to be an American and it must be treasured. The rights and safety of Americans must be our government's prime concern. For these reasons, I believe in borders. I believe in screening those who seek to enter our nation. I do not believe that anyone who enters our nation illegally is entitled to the privileges and rights of American citizens, nor do they have a right to demand residence. I believe all who come legally must assimilate and hold an undivided allegiance to the United States of America. Just as we put doors and locks on our homes, and screen any who enter or spend the night, we must do the same in this nation. We must be vigilant in our duties to this regard. This is not an issue of hate or prejudice. It is an issue of right and wrong.

    His and yours,

    Dr. Johnny Teague
    Congressional Candidate for the U.S. House CD9
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    This guy must win and BEAT Al Green by a landslide !!!!


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