ALIPAC's 2019-2020 Federal Candidate Survey about illegal immigration & Amnesty

Please take a few minutes to complete the 5 question candidate survey below, fill in your campaign information, and copy and paste your responses into an email to for consideration for endorsement by America's largest grassroots Political Action Committee fighting against illegal immigration
Candidates for Congress (US House and Senate) should complete and email us your replies.

Campaign Information

Completed by: Cat Fletcher. September 28th/ 2020
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Name of Incumbent: Henry "Hank" Johnson

Name of Your Campaign: Johsie for Congress A/K/A JohsieCruz2020

Mailing Address: 595 Bonnie Dell Drive, Marietta, Ga 30062

State and District: Georgia's 4th Congressional District


Social Media Links: Facebook: Johsie.Cruz Twitter @JohsieC Instagram:johsiecruz Youtube: Johsie Cruz 2020

Campaign Phone Number: (67 789-1579

Political Party: REPUBLICAN

Primary challenger, General Election challenger, or incumbent? General Election Challenger

If your opponent is a GOP incumbent, what percentage Democrat would you rate him/her on immigration issues?

Candidate Survey

Tell us your candidate's positions regarding the active legislation and policies below.

1. Do you support or oppose immigration Reform Amnesty legislation like HB 6 for millions of illegal immigrants?


Oppose. The 3.6 million 1986 Amnesty brought us this 20 million mess.

2. Do you support or oppose more green cards and imported workers from India and China found in HB 1044/S 386?

Support / Oppose

We Support Indian Immigration because India is an ally of the USA against two common enemies; China and the Muslim World.

Indian Immigration are responsible and excellet workers, they represents less than 1% of the US population and pays about 5% of the federal budget.

We must restrict Communist China and Hong Kong visas and we must give more visas to Taiwanese citizens returning them their official name as Republic of China.

3. Do you support or oppose New Temporary Protective Status (TPS) Amnesty for Venezuelans?

Support / Oppose

Oppose. They came here for economic reasons, not a political one. Each case is different, but we detect many communists' infiltrators in that migration, which came even with bogus documents.

4. Do you Support or Oppose the current DACA Amnesty protections from deportation and work permits for more than 800,000 illegno-fault Support/Oppose

Oppose. Even though there is "no fault," they came under their parents' tenure that violated the immigration laws under their name. I only give them special treatment to those who serve in the USA Armed Forces. After two years of full service, they must be considered legal residents, and five years after that (7 year period) full citizenship. If they got involved in armed conflict, in the second period, we must be reduced at one year only parting from the moment they got into this duty.(three years period or more)

5. Do you support or oppose the current catch and release and asylum policies at our border for illegal immigrants?


Oppose. The Catch and release policy is impractical and is a net loss of resources. The person must be waiting in the border until his/her court date, present himself/herself to the immigration officers who keep them in custody until the inmigration judge decides.