Completed by: Joshua Foxworth - January 7, 2020

Are you the Candidate or Campaign Manager - Candidate

Name of Incumbent: Randy Weber

Name of Your Campaign: Joshua Foxworth for Congress

Mailing Address: 2284 Longspur Lane. League City, Texas

State and District: Texas District 14

Social Media Links:

Campaign Phone Number: 832-385-9440

Political Party: Republican

Primary challenger, General Election challenger, or incumbent? Primary challenger

If your opponent is a GOP incumbent, what percentage Democrat would you rate him/her on immigration issues?

Publicly he opposes illegal immigration. I have spoken to him and his office numerous times and he views immigration enforcement as something that is detrimental to his political future. He is staffing up his office with spanish speakers and opposed Trump due to immigration.

Candidate Survey

Tell us your candidate's positions regarding the active legislation and policies below.

1. Do you support or oppose immigration Reform Amnesty legislation for millions of illegal immigrants like HB 6?

I completely oppose any form of citizenship or legal standing for anyone who came here illegally

2. Do you support or oppose more green cards and imported workers from India and China found in HB 1044/S 386?

Absolutely and completely oppose. I am running on ending those programs

3. Do you support or oppose New Temporary Protective Status (TPS) Amnesty for Venezuelans?

Absolutely oppose

4. Do you Support or Oppose the current DACA Amnesty protections from deportation and work permits for more than 800,000 illegals?

Absolutely oppose

5. Do you support or oppose the current
catch and release and asylum policies at our border for illegal immigrants?

Completely oppose

I am running on immediate enforcement of immigration laws and reforming the legal system.