Aliens in the Capitol: Democrat’s State of the Union Stunt a Celebration of Lawlessness

31 Jan 2018

Never in the history of this Republic has there been such a jubilant celebration of lawlessness in the heart of our government as we saw at President Trump’s State of the Union address to Congress.

Under the gaze of Moses, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson and all the great champions of law from history, today’s current crop of “lawgivers” in America sneered, mocked and ridiculed the mere notion that we might have laws.

That these laws might mean anything.

That these laws might be enforced with equality.

That’s because also gazing down on our modern “lawgivers” in the chamber was an untold number of illegal aliens. These illegal aliens were actually invited to illegally come into the House chamber — the sacred nursery of America’s laws — to sit in sneering judgment of a nation built on the promise that no man (or woman or child) is above the law.

Across the street, enthroned in the pediment of the Supreme Court above the words “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW,” Justice wept.

According to the law — the same laws created by the very “lawgivers” celebrating abject lawlessness in the House chamber Tuesday night — these illegal political props invited to the House chamber are not “undocumented” people. Nor are they “immigrants.” Under the law, they are “illegal aliens.”

And they are in the country “illegally.”

Granted, many of these people have sympathetic stories. Many of these illegal aliens, we are told, were brought into this country illegally by their illegal parents when they illegally snuck into the country.

But the law is blind to sympathetic stories. The law is not about emotion. The law is about facts and evidence — ever blind to the prejudice of anyone’s sympathies or biases.

If there is something cruel about the law, it is the “lawgivers” in that chamber who are 100 percent to blame for that cruelty.

Remember, for two years starting in 2008, Democrats had complete, filibuster-proof control of the Congress and the White House. And they did not do a single thing to ease the cruel situation so many of these illegal aliens find themselves in today.

And it’s not like these people were not on Democrats’ radar back then. Ex-President Barack Obama — the great law lecturer himself — invented this virulent strain of lawlessness by being the first to smuggle in one of these illegal aliens illegally in the country to illegally come into the House chamber and illegally sit with the First Lady for a State of the Union address.

As is the case with such lawlessness, it necessarily metastasizes. One becomes many.

Stop and think about this. When the president travels up Pennsylvania Avenue to deliver the State of the Union address, the Capitol becomes the most secure fortress in the world. No effort is spared in the name of security.

Yet all these illegal aliens illegally in the country are ushered into the perimeter, waived past security, filed past literally thousands of law enforcement officers into the very bosom of American law. These illegals are then swept into the chamber where they sit beneath monuments to the greatest lawgivers in history.

And above the most embarrassing “lawgivers” in history.

Why, you ask, are these illegal aliens not arrested? That is because — astonishingly — the most galling and reprehensible “sanctuary” in the United States is not Chicago or San Francisco. It is your United States Capitol, where police policy is to refuse to help the federal government enforce illegal immigration laws.

Not only are these illegal aliens given star treatment inside the Capitol, they have become the single most powerful political force in the federal government today. So much so that Democrats actually shut down the federal government on orders from these illegal aliens and their lobbyists.

What about all the other constituencies the Democratic Party claims to represent?

When have Democrats shut the government down for black Americans, who are in this country legally? When have Democrats shut down the government for union workers? When have they shut the government down for the poor?

The answer is never.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Democrats care about these illegal aliens for anything other than their political posturing. If they actually cared about the so-called Dreamers, the first thing they would do is join President Trump to implement stringent security measures so that no child will ever fall into such a cruel state again.