Paul Nehlen: Paul Ryan ‘Reading from the Same Globalist Sheet Music’ as Hillary and Obama on Muslim Immigration

27 Jun 2016Washington, DC

Paul Ryan challenger Paul Nehlen joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss the latest in his campaign to unseat the Republican Speaker in a primary challenge.

Among other topics, Nehlen discussed the latest billboard he’s used to hit Paul Ryan on Muslim immigration right in his own backyard. “The people have spoken here in Wisconsin on this Muslim immigration thing. He’s not listening,” said Nehlen.

The campaign of Republican candidate Paul Nehlen, who is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District GOP primary, unveiled a new billboard today in Ryan’s home town of Janesville which graphically directs attention to the growing fears of radical Islamic terrorism in America.

The billboard reads: “Radical Islam Kills Americans. Vote YES for Immigration Control. Vote NO for Paul Ryan.” The text appears over a disturbing image depicting three armed Middle East terrorists.

“The headline was inspired by conservative Congressman Louie Gohmert,” Nehlen explained. “He absolutely nailed the real problem.”

Nehlen also maintains that Ryan is part of the problem in two major ways.

“First,” Nehlen explains, “Mr. Ryan has been exceptionally soft on securing our southern border. In fact, while his omnibus bill last December financed just about every liberal program under the sun, it did not provide the funding for a border wall that has already been approved by Congress.”

“Secondly,” Nehlen continued, “that same Ryan omnibus bill funded the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program which is filled with even more holes than our Swiss cheese border. And even after the Orlando mass shooting, Mr. Ryan refuses to halt this potentially deadly resettlement program.”

Nehlen further pointed out that at the same time Mr. Ryan is helping to import radical Islamic terrorists his continued support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is threatening to export more Wisconsin jobs.

As for his take on Brexit, said Nehlen, “Paul Ryan waited until he heard what Hillary and Obama had to say, and then he put his (statement) out. He’s reading from the same sheet of music, the same globalist sheet of music, Paul, Ryan Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama. I’m really not surprised by it just disgusted with it really…. It really boils down to one sentence, these globalists think they know better than you do.”

Nehlen also compared Ryan’s seemingly lethargic performance on the Hill to former Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“If you feel like you’re being betrayed and your country is going the wrong direction, make a change.”

“Look at Newt Gingrich. Here’s an example. Next Gingrich, 100 days in office. You want to talk about a warrior. That guy got something done. Proposal Paul Ryan on the other hand has Betterway.Gov, a bunch of word salad. No bills, nothing to debate, nothing to pass. He’s got nothing. Paul Ryan’s got nothing but words.”

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