When the stealth invasion of America goes mainstream… and nobody cares

02/09/2024 // News Editors // 2.9K Views

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You know we are in the final stages of an invasion when even the corporate media is reporting on the thousands of Chinese nationals streaming across the U.S. southern border.
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CBS’s 60 Minutes reports that the Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok is being used to aid and abet the invasion of America.
Chinese are using Tiktok to cross the U.S. Border.
Step-by-step instructions for hiring smugglers and detailed directions to that hole we visited. We were struck by just how orderly and routine it all seemed, 60 Minutes said.pic.twitter.com/BkNluACYip
— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) February 5, 2024
Well, they sorta, almost told the truth.
Notice how almost all the Chinese illegals in the above video were men, most of them of military age. The folks at 60 Minutes conveniently forgot to report that part.
Many in the alternative media started reporting about the Chinese communists exploiting Joe Biden’s open borders almost right after Biden was installed in the White House. But if you depend on CBS for your news, you’re just now hearing about it for the first time, and then, you are only getting a very filtered version of a much bigger story.
You will not hear the words “border invasion” in that report by 60 Minutes. But that’s exactly what it is. And it’s not just Chinese, either. These men are coming from the Middle East, parts of Africa, and many other regions not known for their love and affection for America or its people.
Compare the above pathetic report from 60 Minutes to this one from Drew Hernandez giving details about a border encampment of military-age male invaders in California.
I traveled to Jacumba CA over the weekend for @infowars and uncovered multiple illegals encampments with so called self proclaimed “American Christians” posing as humanitarian assistance which whom I confronted, one… pic.twitter.com/ArVMXpT9zu
— Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) February 5, 2024
Prepare now for war on U.S. soil. The army has been assembled. The barbarians are inside the gates. All that needs to happen is for them to be given orders to start attacking and the final plan to take down America will be in play. All it will take is a false flag attack on the right group by the right type of attacker (someone decked out in MAGA gear?). Then you will start to see stories about civil unrest and a spate of reprisal attacks. They will be mostly peaceful attacks, I’m sure.
These attacks, and the timing of them, should come as no surprise. America’s enemies have been busy building up a stealth army for three years running and, even before that, thousands of bad actors were allowed into the country under Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. They came from Bosnia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, among other places. For every new war that Washington’s neocons got us involved in, there was a new wave of refugees imported from the war zone to cities and towns across America. For every ally of Washington that wanted to get rid of its violent criminals and terrorists, Washington was eager to take them in. Just wait, we will soon get tens of thousands of potential terrorists delivered to American cities, compliments of Israel, which wants to be rid of its Palestinian problem. The problem won’t be solved, it will just be shifted from Gaza to America.
And America will welcome them.
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