Why should anyone obey the law anymore?

Monday, April 15, 2019 by: News Editors
(Natural News) Forget the college cheating scam. The biggest scam in America is the Democratic Party. Its platform is based on legalizing cheating. I have no idea why anyone in America should obey the law anymore. Just ignore any law you think is unfair ó just like Democrats do.

(Article by Wayne Allyn Root republished from TownHall.com)
Just days ago, 13 parents, including famous Hollywood actress Felicity Huffman, agreed to plead guilty in the college admissions cheating scandal. Now, donít get me wrong. I hate arrogant, rich, entitled jerks as much as the next guy ó maybe more.
I went to Columbia University with hundreds of these liberals. It was clear from my first day at Columbia that many of my spoiled-brat classmates ó all of whom announced proudly how much they hated America ó got in because their rich parents greased the wheels. Nothing ever changes. I couldnít stand these kids.
Nonetheless, if I were among those 13 cheating parents, Iíd have pleaded innocent. Their lawyers should have argued theyíre innocent thanks to the standards set by todayís Democratic Party. According to Democrats, laws no longer matter and cheating is legal ó as long as you think the law youíre breaking is unfair.
Exhibit A is illegal immigration. Democrats aggressively support open borders. They no longer think immigration law matters. They want to allow anyone, at any time, to break into our country. And Democrats think that once illegals are caught breaking in, they should be allowed to stay forever without penalty.
Illegals have fake IDs and stolen Social Security numbers. Democrats donít think anyone should be punished for breaking those laws.
Actually, itís worse. Democrats want to reward criminals. They think anyone who breaks into our country deserves welfare checks, food stamps, housing allowances, aid to dependent children, free school and free medical. Thatís massive theft from law-abiding American taxpayers directly to criminals.
Democrats in New York and California insist these criminals must get Obamacare. Democratic presidential contenders say these illegal criminals must get Social Security ó even though this will further hasten the insolvency of the program for U.S. citizens who have paid in their whole lives.
Democratic judges will no longer enforce the law. They refuse to turn felons over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Democratic mayors warn felons that ICE is coming.
Worse, Democratic presidential candidates support abolishing ICE. They donít even want a police force to defend our nation from foreign invaders or to take criminals into custody.
Democrats create sanctuary cities and even sanctuary states. In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom has sworn to protect illegal aliens in his state. He believes he can choose to ignore laws and the Constitution simply because he doesnít like them.
So, I ask: Why should the rest of us obey laws we donít like? Why should any of us pay our taxes if we donít like the IRS? Why should any of us obey the speed limit if we like to speed? Itís clear itís my choice to ignore any laws I donít like.
You know what I call those college cheating parents who pleaded guilty? Suckers. They clearly needed better legal representation. They should have just pleaded innocent based on the Democratic Partyís platform.
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