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    ALIPAC Endorses Tom McClintock for Congress (R-CA-4)

    September 30, 2008

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has officially endorsed Senator
    Tom McClintock for California's 4th Congressional District, and have posted
    his response to the Americans for Better Immigration survey, on their website.

    The survey is designed to evaluate candidates’ positions on critical elements
    of immigration-reform. The organization also tracks the voting history of
    incumbents, and issues grades based upon their Congressional track record.

    McClintock’s Democratic opponent, Charlie Brown, also has a survey which is
    posted next to McClintock’s. Brown’s survey is left blank, indicating no
    response. The survey was emailed to both candidates on April 17, 2008.

    ALIPAC recently completed their first wave of endorsements, focusing on
    incumbents, and in this second release, addressing candidates in open races,
    McClintock was considered a clear choice.

    Known as a legend in the Republican party, Tom has been described by
    columnists as the “ever-principled McClintock.
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    As a CA resident in Tom McClintocks district, I can say he is a Great American! He definitely has my vote! If we had more in Congress like Tom then there would be no talk of a bail out because Barney Frank would not have gotten away with all of his manipulating.

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    Added to the homepage

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    Tom McClintock is a rare breed: an honest politician. When he ran for Governor of CA he promised to put the National Guard on the border to stop illegal immigration.
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    I wished he was running fr governor or the senate. We need him
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    When I lived in California, I was a huge fan! I wish HE was running for president. I KNOW he would have the BEST economical plan.
    Proud American and wife of a wonderful LEGAL immigrant from Ireland.
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    [quote] Charlie Brown Evades Immigration Policy.
    Posted by: winston_niles

    Charlie Brown, How Many Murders Does it Take?

    October 19, 2008

    4th District Congressional candidate Tom McClintock has called for federal funds to be cut off to San Francisco, based on their "sanctuary city" policy.

    His opponent, Democrat Charlie Brown is not so bold. In fact, Charlie is strangely quiet for a man who claims he's against illegal immigration. He refuses to complete the Americans for Better Immigration (ABI) survey, which he's had for six months. This survey forces candidates to outline a clear policy on illegal immigration, and directly asks if they would cut funds for sanctuary cities.

    In the wake of the cold-blooded murders of an innocent American citizen and his two sons, gunned down in the street by an illegal alien, Charlie's silence speaks volumes.

    Charlie's blank ABI survey on the ALIPAC website sits next to Tom McClintock’s completed form. The election is fifteen days out, and bloodshed in the streets of San Francisco hasn't compelled Charlie to take a stand.

    So when it comes to sanctuary cities, here's the question for Charlie Brown. How many murders does it take?

    What follows is a snapshot view of two illegal alien juvenile offenders, harbored and shielded from justice and deportation, as their violence against American citizens escalated. We will never know just how many stories like this are out there, because juvenile records are closely guarded. We know this much. These glimpses of horror are a small fraction of the big picture.

    Over $2.3 Million in the Name of Sanctuary.

    An August 3, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle article reveals that mayor Gavin Newsom's office gave grants totaling over $650,000 since 2006, to provide free services to underage criminal illegal aliens. These city programs provided housing assistance, "arts and cultural affirmation activities," and immigration attorney fees. The city also provided free flights to foreign countries, and transportation to other sanctuary cities, all the while carefully helping these criminals evade ICE and deportation.

    According to a July 4, 2008 article in the LA Times, Newsom admits that San Francisco "has spent $2.3 million to house 162 illegal immigrant youths since 2005, and an additional $38,955 to fly juvenile offenders to Honduras, American Samoa and Mexico over the last two years." Why did San Francisco fund flights of illegal alien felons to their homeland? To avoid subjecting these criminals to our country's deportation system, which would bar them from ever returning to the United States.

    Tweety and the Box Cutters. Your Tax Dollars At Work.

    Meet Mexican illegal immigrant Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun (aka "Tweety"), now 19, a long-time beneficiary of San Francisco's "sanctuary city" policy.

    Tweety's teen-age crime spree in San Francisco should have ended with his first felony assault, and the reporting required by federal law. Instead, his violent crimes were committed with Tweety's sure knowledge that he could attack American citizens without risk of deportation to Mexico.

    In San Francisco, the long arm of the law is actually quite short, as long as you are an illegal alien, and you tell whoever arrests you that you are less than 18 years old.

    SF's sanctuary city policy prohibits law enforcement officers from notifying ICE (the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency), when they arrest illegal alien youths with a criminal past. This is in open defiance of federal law. So, to clarify, San Francisco will take federal funds. They just won't obey federal law

    On August 13, 2006, SF police reports show that Uc-Cahun/"Tweety" was arrested with other gang members for an assault on a man in Dolores Park. The victim was hit in the head and threatened with a gun, after Tweety and his gang demanded to know if he was a gang member. Once arrested, Uc-Cahun refused to cooperate with police, or say where he lived, The police report on the attack says Uc-Cahun was a Sureño gang member known as "Tweety" who had "numerous prior contacts" with law enforcement.

    Taken to juvenile hall, then 17, Tweety was eventually found guilty of felony assault, placed on probation and set free. Shortly thereafter, on October 18, 2006, Tweety was arrested again, for another felony assault. Once again placed in juvenile hall, he spent four months there before being found guilty. By the time he was freed in February 2007 and put on a year's probation, Tweety was 18 years old.

    On May 22, 2007, while Tweety was still on probation, he and several other gang members approached a man waiting for a bus and accused him of being a member of a rival gang. Apparently such accusations are a mere formality for Tweety's gang, kind of an official notification of impending bloodshed. The man's denial of being a rival gang member was severely punished. Tweety's gang commenced to beating the man with a broomstick until it broke. Then Tweety used a box cutter with a 2" blade to slash the victim's abdomen open in two different places.

    San Mateo County chief deputy district attorney Steve Wagstaffe's description of the assault: "He basically gutted him, like you gut a pig to get to the meat."

    The man survived the attack, and identified illegal alien Tweety as the man with the box cutter. Arrested in September 2007, Tweety was ordered by the judge to be held without bail. After hearing the compelling testimony of his victim at his preliminary hearing, Tweety apparently decided it was time to influence future proceedings. He allegedly wrote a letter to a friend providing the name and address of his victim, and suggesting that his friend "take care of things," according to Wagstaffe.

    The letter was found by police in May while executing a search warrant at a house suspected of being used by gang members. Witness intimidation was added to the charges of robbery, attempted murder and other gang-related counts Tweety already faced.

    Foundation Training for Murder.

    Meet Edwin Ramos, 21, an illegal alien from El Salvador and member of MS-13, a Salvadoran criminal gang. In 2000, at age 13, Ramos came to the U.S. He was arrested by San Francisco police in 2003 after he and other gang members boarded a bus and severely beat a man they thought was a rival gang member. Shielded from ICE, he was put in a shelter. In April, 2004, four days after he left the shelter on probation, he tried to mug a pregnant woman. With two felonies on his record, and still protected by the City of Love, in June, 2004 he was "sentenced" to live at the Log Cabin Ranch, a city-run camp in the hills of the Peninsula.

    Edwin Ramos was released from the Log Cabin Ranch camp in February 2005. Federal immigration authorities still had not been informed of his presence in our country, much less his criminal record. Predictably, this illegal alien's violent juvenile career in our country proved a mere warm-up for things to come.

    On March 30, 2008, Ramos was arrested in San Francisco's Tenderloin district after police found a gun in his car (they later discovered that it had been used just the day before in a double homicide). The district attorney's office did not press charges and Ramos was released.

    Wrong Place At The Wrong Time.

    On June 22, 2008, American citizens Tony Bologna, 48 and his sons Michael, 20 and Matthew, 16 were on their way home from a family picnic when Tony made the kind of innocent mistake we've all made in traffic. On a narrow street in the Excelsior district, he temporarily blocked another driver from making a left turn.

    It's the randomness of this tragedy that makes it even more sickening. Edwin Ramos was driving the other car. When Mr. Bologna politely backed up to let him drive past, Ramos pulled a gun and opened fire, murdering Tony and his two sons.

    Charlie Brown Remains Silent.

    4th District Congressional candidate Charlie Brown's response to this horrifying, senseless tragedy? Silence.

    The Americans for Better Immigration survey is only 12 questions long, with yes/no answers. Charlie's had it for six months. Charlie is running for Congress in a border state, in a country where illegal immigration is recognized as one of our most important challenges, with nearby San Francisco as a poster child for the insanity of sanctuary cities. And yet Charlie Brown (perhaps mindful of his liberal supporters) hasn't yet filed an answer to the sanctuary city question on the survey, much less make a public statement condemning the policy.

    On July 3, 2008, Mayor Gavin Newsom and City District Attorney Herrera finally swore to reverse their policy of shielding underage illegal alien "offenders." Was it the long history of violent crime perpetrated by the illegals they harbored, the box cutter slashing, or the triple homicide that convinced them? None of the above. It was the latest "embarrassing" result of San Francisco's years-long policy of shuttling illegal underage criminals hundreds of miles away, to group homes in other cities, in order to evade ICE.

    Shortly after Newsom announced an interest in running for governor of California, San Bernardino County officials threatened to sue the city of San Francisco for sending a group of Honduran illegal immigrant, juvenile crack dealers to group homes in the city of Yucaipa without notification.

    Eight juveniles simply walked away from the homes.

    “The county is exploring every option to recoup all our police expenses,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gogo
    I wished he was running fr governor or the senate. We need him
    He ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2006 and unfortunately lost. I think he'll make a terrific congressman though, if he can just win.
    LGBTQ (Let's Get Biden To Quit)

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