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    Doc David Moylan, Republican, Challenger, Congress, VS. Matt Cartwright

    ALIPAC is endorsing Doc David Moylan because of the article and campaign info below combined with the fact his opponent incumbent Democrat Matt Cartwright voted for amnesty for illegals!
    Matt Cartwright (D-PA-17) US Congress Voted for Amnesty for illegal aliens

    17th Congressional District

    U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, a Democrat from Moosic, said he might vote for the Senate bill “if it came down to only that or nothing, but deporting 11 million people from our shores is not an option.”

    “I’m not in favor of amnesty,” but the Senate bill is not amnesty, he said.

    “The reason we have to do a tough but fair path to citizenship is I want to make taxpayers of these people,” he said. “We have a chance to strengthen our national treasury, reduce our deficits and also buttress our Social Security and Medicare systems because these are people who are here to work.”

    Mr. Cartwright’s opponent, David Moylan, a Republican from South Manheim Twp. and the Schuylkill County coroner, favors a reform proposal advocated by the American Legion, one of the nation’s leading veterans associations.

    The proposal calls for many of the Senate bill’s provisions, but also deployment of troops where necessary, cooperation among law enforcement at all levels of government, a temporary workers program and more effective screening and tracking of foreign visitors.

    Mr. Moylan said he’s ambivalent about the Senate bill, though he agrees with many of its provisions.

    “My fear is that if we don’t have a sealed border and if we start offering amnesty, I mean we’re a giant candy story up here (and) there’s going to be another wave (of undocumented immigrants) coming in,” he said.

    Mr. Moylan also favors a double-layered, two-story fence from Texas to California.

    and David Moylan's excellent issue position on his website...

    Doc Moylan's Proposal For U.S. Immigration Reform

    The Cure:

    • We must restore our founding tradition of term limits.
    • Bills should be formulated so that pure questions of law can be voted on and approved or disapproved without riders or ammendments that are unrelated to the basic issue of the legislation.
    • Ban Congressmen from lobbying for five years.

    The Illness:

    • 11 million illegal immigrants residing within the United States, who are taking jobs away from

    unemployed legal citizens, making healthcare costs skyrocket, and flooding the welfare roles. Plus,
    thousands of new illegals from poor and economically oppressed nations crossing the border each day.

    • 11 Million Illegals Already Here
    • 18 Million American citizens and legal residents are unemployed
    • Crisis at southern border from Central American illegals was directly caused by Obama's 2012 Executive Order prohibiting DHS from deporting young illegals
    • Number of illegal minors showing up at border jumped from 8,000 in 2011 to 24,668 in 2013 and a projected 70,000 this year
    • Cost to federal and state governments of treating uninsured illegals = $4.3 Billion per year
    • National Research Council estimates that the total cost of illegal immigration to American taxpayer = $346 Billion annually

    The Cure:

    • Secure the border points of entry - More agents with better resources patrolling the border, double layered, two-story high fence from Texas to California and National Guard troops in high traffic areas
    • Eliminate the jobs magnet and taxpayer sponsored social services benefits for illegal aliens
    • NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens - "Path to citizenship" = "de facto amnesty"
    • Reduce the illegal population in the United States by a program of attrition through enforcement
    • Effectively screen and track all foreign visitors.
    • Provide More Money to immigration courts - More judges + more clerks = faster deportation processing
    • Hammer of Foreign Aid
    • Endorsed by the American Legion

    Please consider ALIPAC's other endorsements as well at...
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