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    Quote Originally Posted by fedupinwaukegan
    The elements of this tragedy encompass so many issues... A mother serving in Iraq learns her son has been killed by violence at home. A loving family. A father rushes to find his son dead. A younger brother. And an illegal alien gang banger let out of jail only to commit this crime the next day.

    Something positive must come out of this.

    I watched the funeral video on CNN for Jamiel. Just heartbreaking, the pain these parents are going through is unbelievable. NO more mothers and fathers must go through this. The LA mayor was at the funeral by the way...
    Oh Yeah...he cares right!

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    well I have news for everyone, the LA City Council has ZERO intention of enacting Jamiel's Law, and they have ZERO intention of eliminating the heinous Special Order 40 (which should be codenamed, "Let the illegals kill your kids, who cares").

    I called the office of idiot councilperson Janice Hahn this morning and asked her staff to support Jamiel's Law, and then I was xferred to a very defensive staffer named Mark who actually had the gall to actually assert to me on the phone that since this illegal gangbanger was in the county's custody instead of the city's custody, that Special Order 40 had nothing to do with his murder.

    I told him he was a liar and that for him to quibble over an irrelevant detail like that in order for Janice to continue to favor illegals over LA citizens, is disgusting and that I would be voting against her every chance I get. this was one of those aggro guys who won't let you get a word in and talks over you incessantly.

    I'll be calling that same jerk again tomorrow.

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    Move to NEW Section for "Americans Killed by Illegals."

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