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Thread: My Son Was Killed By An Illegal Alien. I'm Suing The Justice Department With One Goal

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    My Son Was Killed By An Illegal Alien. I'm Suing The Justice Department With One Goal

    My Son Was Killed By An Illegal Alien. I'm Suing The Justice Department With One Goal In Mind.


    The phone rings late at night; it’s San Francisco General Hospital delivering devastating news. Your son is dead, killed in a traffic collision. The driver of the car who struck and killed your son was a Honduran national, who had entered the country illegally in 1999.

    This is my story - and it’s just one of many.

    Two years earlier an illegal alien from El Salvador killed Anthony Bologna and two of his sons in San Francisco mistaking them for rival gang members.

    In one of the rare cases to get any publicity Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal alien who had already been deported 5 times. She was with her father on a San Francisco pier.

    Four year old Christopher Rowe was run over and killed by an illegal alien caught and released five days before.

    Marilyn Pharis was sexually assaulted and beaten to death with a hammer by an illegal alien whom ICE had issued a detainer which was denied by the sheriff’s office.

    All of these people were killed because of sanctuary city and sanctuary policies. We’d know more about sanctuary crimes, the victims of those crimes, and illegal alien crime in general if the Justice Department bothered to track the data, but they don’t - and that’s why I’m suing them.

    Yes, everyone here illegally is not necessarily a murderer or a rapist, but being here illegally, they’re providing cover for those who do commit crime. Their presence in such massive numbers are providing our governor, legislature, justice system and law enforcement an excuse for ignoring laws and an excuse for their unwillingness - usually for vote gathering - to cooperate with federal authorities, even to remove convicted felons.

    The list of the dead and other victims goes on and on. Why would public officials whose duty is to protect the citizens who elected or employ them put an illegal alien felon’s well-being above that of the law abiding?

    The excuse is that they need the cooperation of the community so they feel comfortable to report crime. They say that they won’t report crimes for fear of being deported themselves - although there is no record of that ever happening.

    In fact the evidence is to the contrary. A major study completed in 2009 by researchers from the University of Virginia and the Police Executive Research Forum found no decline in crime reporting by Hispanics after the implementation of a local police program to screen offenders for immigration status and to refer illegals to ICE for removal.

    Further, real alternatives are already in place for those who report crime but are in the country illegally. Those who are the victims of crime can apply for a U-Visa which will allow them to stay in the country legally.

    Anonymous tip lines could be established. It is in the interest of these communities to rid themselves of criminals who are more likely to prey on the community where they are protected by sanctuary city policies as well.

    The Obama Justice Department has been very quick and rightfully so to open an investigation when a police officer has killed someone. However, if that same police or sheriff’s department refuses to cooperate with ICE, and a convicted illegal alien felon who they could have turned over to ICE has killed or raped someone, there is a deafening silence.

    President Obama has never acknowledged that illegal aliens kill or rape anyone let alone those who should have been either in detention or deported. He set priorities for deportations. Shouldn’t protecting law-abiding Americans be a priority?

    On illegal-alien crime-reporting, it’s telling that the Justice Department’s line is that they simply don’t track how many murders and rapes in this country are attributable to illegal aliens. This is insulting not only to me, a victim of illegal-alien crime, but to the American public as well. This is why the Immigration Reform Law Institute and I are suing the agency - so they’ll divulge this data.

    They can compile and publish statistics on how many pick-pocketing crimes there were last year, but apparently reporting on illegal-alien crime isn’t enough of a priority.

    As for sanctuary cities, the act of harboring illegal aliens is a violation of Title 8 Section 1324 of the civil code and a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison. The new Attorney General should be prepared to issue a warning to all those involved in violating the law that they have 30 days to correct. After that, indictments should follow. At the same time, all federal funds should be cut off to these cities until they comply.

    In the brief time since our election many public officials from sanctuary cities have come out and said they will not abide by the law and they will continue their sanctuary policies even if federal funding is cut off.

    In short, they are willing to deprive their law abiding citizens of federal tax payer dollars so they can continue to shelter non-citizens who are in this country illegally.

    Senator-elect Kamala Harris recently told those in California illegally that she has their back. She was the San Francisco District Attorney when my son was killed. I only wish she had his back.

    Don Rosenberg's son was killed by an unlicensed, illegal alien driver. You can learn more about Don at and more about these issues and the work of the Immigration Reform Law Institute at
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    There is a terrible reality we must face and conquer and that is the simple fact that our population is so changed now because of illegal immigration and even some of the massive legal immigration that the political fiber of government systems in high illegal immigration states has mutated and these government systems no longer care about individual Americans. These politicians and many government workers have become political and government sociopaths with a wanton disregard for the well-being of the American People.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    Move to NEW Section for "Americans Killed by Illegals."

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