“This Will Be the Sleeper Issue of 2024” — THE DEMOCRAT ELECTION STEAL IS IN MOTION: 1.7 Million Mysterious Voter Registrations Recorded in Texas Since 2020

By Jim Hoft
Apr. 23, 2024 7:30 am

The Democrat election steal machine is in motion.

While Republicans sleep Democrats are already maneuvering for another massive election steal in November 2024.

Either the Republican Party is completely worthless or is in on it. They can’t possibly be this blind and ignorant.

Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote released a shocking video on Monday regarding a mysterious surge in Texas voter registrations since the beginning of 2024.

Texas added
1.8 million new registrations before the 2020 election.

Since 2020 Texas has
added 1,783,547 names to the voter rolls. That’s an 11 percent increase!

Democrat groups are also spending tens of millions on groups that claim they are “get out the vote” efforts, but are they really?

The Gateway Pundit broke the news last year on how one group, GBI strategies in Michigan, was caught dumping 8,000 to 10,000 ballot registrations into one county in Michigan.

The FBI later took over this investigation where it went to die over three years ago!

MI Lawmakers Send Brutal Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Answers on 2020 GBI Strategies Investigation: “This Looks Like a Whitewash, and it Looks Like it’s Selective Enforcement of the Laws”
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The Gateway Pundit

Catherine Engelbrecht fired a warning shot on Monday at Republican voters. Catherine suspects thousands of these registrations are Joe Biden's illegal aliens. Catherine says this will be "the sleeper issue of 2024."

We agree.

Catherine Engelbrecht: The Social Security Administration released those numbers of how many checks states had done regarding voter registrations coming into their systems with only the last four of the social security number, which caused an uproar in social media, rightly questioning what is happening with these huge numbers, particularly in border states.

But just as soon as... I mean, like one day after those numbers came out, you saw in Texas where the Social Security Administration said that I believe the number was something like 1.2 million registrations had come in since 2024 that met that criteria, which has, frankly, the fingerprints of potential alien registration all over it.

Then the Secretary of State of Texas comes out within the next 24 to 48 hours and says, I'm here to clear up this information, and puts out this memo, Clearing up this information about these numbers.

This is not related to non-citizens. We've only had 53,000 registrations come in. This is misinformation, and we're talking with the Social Security Administration now to understand why our numbers are so different.

Let me pick at that just a little bit. So this is misinformation that has been published by the Social Security Administration based on their databases that they publish week, over, week, over, week.

So it's not just like there was a one-time bounce up. This just now made its way into social media, but it was posted online and has been since I don't even know when it started, but - it's coming from a federal government agency is curious.

We agree. I believe that this is the sleeper issue of all of 2024. We have lots of other issues. It's a thousand front war that we're facing this cycle, but that issue alone has the potential of changing the playing field in a way that will be hard to address because there's so little clarity around what to do if your roles and your voter registry and your elections are as open as the border, frankly.