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Thread: Cleta Mitchell's Memo: The Threat of Non-Citizens Voting in 2024

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    Cleta Mitchell's Memo: The Threat of Non-Citizens Voting in 2024

    Cleta Mitchell – photo from Election Integrity Network Facebook Page

    February 8, 2024

    by Jeanne Ives

    Cleta’s Memo- The Threat of Non-Citizens Voting in 2024

    The memo below is from Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer, former Oklahoma state legislator, and election integrity expert, among other things. She is the founder of the Election Integrity Network. Their website is a great place to find out information about protecting our vote in the U.S.

    Her memo below about non-citizens voting in our elections is frightening.
    That fear is even larger knowing that an estimated 8-10 million people have entered our country illegally in the last three years and most of them are of voting age.

    What’s also frightening is that there are several non-profit organizations and government agencies that register people to vote. If they fail to ask about citizenship status, then illegals will be added to the voting rolls. Just registering to vote as a non-citizen is illegal, by the way.

    Cleta Mitchell’s Memo Begin


    1. Federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting in US elections. However, the prohibition is essentially mooted by caveats in the law.

    2. Additionally, the Supreme Court has ruled that states may NOT require documentary proof of citizenship in order to register to vote in a federal election, citing the requirement in the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) that states MUST accept the federal registration form for purposes of registering to vote and there is no language in the NVRA to require such documentation.

    3. Accordingly, the ONLY “protection” against illegals voting is a signature atestation that the person registering is a citizen, which SCOTUS has deemed sufficient. That was before the current invasion.

    4. The Biden Administration has ordered every federal agency to register everyone who comes into contact with the agency. What protections exist to stop the registration of migrants by DHS or other federal agencies?

    5. There are myriad left-wing advocacy groups who register illegals to vote.

    6. NVRA also mandates that the state DMVs register every person who does business with the DMV; there is NO program or training by DMV’s in most states to obtain proof of citizenship before registering people to vote. In many states, such as Georgia, a person is automatically registered at the time of coming into contact with the DMV unless the person ‘opts out’ of registration. No proof of citizenship is required.

    7. This is true as well for persons coming into contact with state social services agencies.

    8. There are, in other words, no protections, no safeguards to ensure that persons being registered are, in fact, citizens. Non-citizens are issued drivers’ licenses in most states, and non-citizens are issued social security numbers.

    9. There are no safeguards to protect against non-citizens registering to vote and there are no safeguards to protect against non-citizens voting once registered.

    10. The left’s continuing assault on the integrity of the election system includes additional features in many states that literally invite non-citizen registration and voting, such as same-day registration (Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia, and Michigan are among the states allowing same-day registration), as well as the extreme step taken by the radical secretary of state in Michigan to automatically register everyone who is released from prison. Is citizenship being checked prior to those persons being added to the rolls in Michigan?

    11. Many states, such as North Carolina and Wisconsin, allow the use of student IDs for voting purposes. Foreign students are issued student IDs, thus creating yet another pool of potential illegals voting.

    12. The federal statute governing overseas and military voting also does not require proof of citizenship in order to register and cast a vote from overseas. The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) allows persons to essentially register and vote by email without a residence in the United States and without any proof of citizenship. The program was intended to facilitate military personnel and their families in voting while deployed. However, in 2020 the UOCAVA vote was 63% civilian. There are leftist advocacy groups mobilizing in other countries to turn out expatriates to vote…and the failure to require proof of US citizenship creates yet another pool of potential noncitizen voting.


    Congress must act.

    1. The NVRA and UOCAVA both need to be amended to require documentary proof of
    citizenship to register to vote in a federal election and UOCAVA should also require
    documentary proof of citizenship to vote (a copy of a US passport).

    2. The NVRA should be amended to require that a disclosure be made to EVERY person before being registered to vote that registration is for US CITIZENS ONLY, AND IF YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, YOU CANNOT REGISTER TO VOTE, AND REGISTERING TO VOTE IF YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN IS A FEDERAL CRIME.

    3. The provision in the federal criminal code prohibiting non-citizen registration and voting should be strengthened in order to make it possible to actually prosecute offenders.

    4. A new provision should be added to the federal criminal code to criminalize the registration of non-citizens if a person can reasonably suspect that the person registering is not a US citizen.

    5. Department of Homeland Security should be required to keep current and add to the
    Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) the I-94 forms for every illegal who has been admitted to the United States, and must immediately make the SAVE database

    available to every state and locality that administers elections access at no charge, allowing any state or local jurisdiction to be able to run their voter database against the SAVE database on an ongoing basis to flag illegals who may have been registered to vote. Likewise, the Social Security Administration through the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS); or state agencies that supply state identification cards or drivers license where the agency confirms citizenship status of applicants should be required to make available such information regarding citizenship status at no cost to the State Election officials of each state.

    6. Any state or locality that allows non-citizens to vote in a state or local election shall lose all federal funding for elections and shall be required to maintain two separate voter
    registration databases, ensuring that only US citizens are allowed to vote in any federal

    States must act:

    1. Require documentary proof of citizenship to obtain a state driver’s license and disallow non-citizens from obtaining a driver’s license.

    2. If an identification or permit to drive is issued to non-citizens, ensure that it is clearly discernible as a non-citizen permit or identification ONLY.

    3. Ensure that non-citizens are not registered to vote at the DMV or other state agencies.

    4. State election officials must create a process in cooperation with the DMV and social services agencies to ensure that non-citizen registrations are not included in the registrations forwarded from DMV and social services agencies to the state election offices.

    Citizens must act:

    1. Ask your local and state election officials what safeguards exist to ensure that non-citizens are not registered and are not voting in your city or county and insist on safeguards to protect voting in your state and your local jurisdiction.

    2. Find out what advocacy groups are registering people to vote and what steps they are taking to ensure they are not registering non-citizens to vote.

    Cleta Mitchell Memo End

    Look at the memo above, the see below a few of my comments about numbered items on the first page.

    #5 In Illinois the League of Women Voters is allowed into high schools to register new voters. Other Leftists groups like Next Gen America and Indivisible Illinois make voter registration a focus.

    #6 – Anecdotally, I heard of illegals getting escorted to the front of the line at a DMV to get an identification card. But, at our border visit, the border agent said they simply accept whatever a migrant says about their name and age.

    #7 – About six years ago in a massive omnibus election bill, the Democrats expanded the number of state agencies that could register a person to vote. The agencies selected were those most likely for migrant families to come into contact with.

    #8 – Last year, a new law gave non-citizens identical driver’s licenses to citizen driver’s licenses. Previously, non-citizen DLs were identified as such so that they could not be used for voting purposes. Not anymore.

    #10– We have extensive same-day register, same-day vote, including on college campuses which can be problematic.

    #11 – Nearly anything is accepted as ID to register to vote. Chicago issues its own ID card to anyone living in the city.

    People often ask me what they can do to help.Cleta Mitchell gives some suggestions on her page. The key to election integrity is Eyes on Every Ballot and Eyes on Every Voter. Election judges provide the eyes on ballots, precinct committeemen provide eyes on voters. I know that sounds simple, but if we had a system that did just that and verified every voter before and after the election and verified every ballot during the election, we would be very close to having elections every voter could feel good about.

    Two other things are necessary too.

    1. The number of ballots counted must match the number of voters who voted in every way – meaning not just the overall tally, but per precinct.

    2. The election authority must publish a list of all voters they say voted in the election and by what means so that individuals can verify the list. The excuse from the DuPage County Clerk in 2020 about the number of ballots not matching the number of voters was that the list was updated a couple of days after the election, and people were moved on and off the list based on a state update. That’s a terrible excuse, and I believe a lie, as the electronic poll books have, or should have, the information stored on exactly who voted.
    I hope this information spurs you to sign up to be an election judge or committeeman and get involved.

    I interviewed Cleta Mitchell in the first half hour of my show last Sunday. To listen to that show, click on the February 4, 2024 show of The Real Story w/Jeanne Ives at this link:
    Listening to my show this way is commercial-free.
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