Illegal Alien Voter Registrations – How to Attack It and Prevent This Fraud Before 2024 Election

By Jim Hoft
May. 20, 2024 7:45 am

Guest post by Jay Valentine at

How to Find Illegal Voters on State Voter Rolls – Same Way We Find Transients

The Fractal team is working with legislators and voter integrity teams in several states to find illegal alien voter nests and eradicate them.

As the growing list of Fractal videos on demonstrates – finding illegal aliens is no different than identifying transients – registered by NGOs (non-governmental organizations) – only the victims have been changed.

Illegal aliens are currently gathered in the same way college students, homeless people, transients, rehab patients were gathered by NGOs for decades!

Relational technology – as we show in our Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, Texas and other videos on – is blind to these transients – accumulating at these addresses for over 20 years.

Registering illegal aliens is the current variant of a strategy used by Leftist NGOs for 20 years – register transients, collect their ballot, and vote when needed.

As the Fractal videos demonstrate, in Mississippi, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia, and many other states – these ballot collection points generate enough fake votes to change the outcome of any statewide election.

Finding illegal alien registrants is tied to finding collection points where many people can be registered without a red flag due to too many people at an address. Thus, apartment buildings with no unit number, warehouses without bedrooms and churches and missions fit the bill perfectly.

As the video below demonstrates, the key is to challenge the address – not the voter.

Video at link.

There is NOT a national “illegal alien” voter database.

State governments, federal agencies, and NGOs, like churches and other groups, are deliberately hiding newly registered illegal aliens in locations that tend to be illegitimate addresses.

Illegal alien voters are being registered in locations that receive mail but do not have bedrooms – or not enough bedrooms for the hundreds of voters registered at those locations.

Aliens are registered in ballot accumulation points – like massive apartment complexes – where the registrant has no unit number – so ballots accumulate – then given to Leftist orgs to vote.

Those locations cannot be found with current relational technology – they are identified – as the video shows, with time series analysis against multiple copies of the voter roll – done in real time, constantly.

As each video shows, those transients have been on voter rolls for decades – missed by relational technology in the Secretary of State Office and from voter integrity orgs.

Solving the illegal alien registration problem – by definition – is attacking a voter registration issue AFTER it happened. Once the person is registered, it is already too late to get them off the voter roll for 2024.

National voter integrity orgs are using the illegal alien scare tactic to raise money, but they cannot solve the problem after the person is registered – at least not for 2024.

The only workable solution in the time remaining is to challenge a ballot going to an ineligible address – the same strategy used by the Wisconsin team in 2022 to save a U.S. senate seat.

The other strategy is to challenge the NGOs who are tied to illegal voter registration fraud.

The Fractal team released the Dark Money Tracking system to help states identify who is funding state level organizations who play in the electoral arena.

Below is a video of a Chinese-related NGO showing all its connections – many to state-level voter organizations.

National voter integrity orgs cannot see this central nervous system of the Left – a massive network focused on voter registration in deeply urban areas – where the overwhelming amount of mail-in ballot fraud happens.

Fractal is making this network visible – and working with state and local government leaders to challenge any money going to purposes inconsistent with the tax designation of the NGO.

We need to stop these registrations BEFORE they are registered!

Video at link.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine, the foundational technology for the TSA No-Fly List. Jay can be contacted at