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Thread: 24 hours: Good news & bad

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    24 hours: Good news & bad

    Good News

    We have exciting news to share! An ALIPAC supporter who wants to encourage all of you to help with our fight against the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion and overthrow of America has offered up to $500 in matching funds!

    This means that the next donations received at our secure donations link will be doubled turning your $10 donation into $20!

    We are at $12,825 of $15,000 we must raise by Midnight tomorrow night! We only have 24 hours left to raise $2,175!

    More Good News

    The latest Zogby poll shows that Jeb Bush has fallen to 6th place in the GOP Presidential primary. This is so wonderful because it means that we really do have a chance to destroy the Bush/Fox/Rove/Koch illegal alien invasion supporting faction in 2016. It also means that pro Bush faction candidates like John McCain's and John Boehner's numbers are down and our candidates are rising! The fall of Bush confirms ALIPAC's earlier prediction that his Spanish langauge interviews and commercials would doom his campaign.


    Please understand what an amazing opportunity this is for those of us who have been fighting illegal immigration for so many years! Please put your shoulder to the wheel with us by donating in the final 24 hours before the Midnight deadline via this link...

    Bad News

    We are receiving more and more reports and information about the Obama administration's efforts to import more Democrat socialist voters through United Nations directed "Refugee Programs." Please take a few minutes to review these items and share with us your opinions.

    Important Video: Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement--

    Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Reject Calls To Bring Syrian Refugees To U.S.--


    If ALIPAC survives the current funds drive, do you want us to target and fight against the refugee resettlement programs that are pumping in tens of thousands of Muslim refugees at taxpayer expense???

    ---> Since this issue is beyond illegal immigration issues, please let us know where you think ALIPAC should stand by replying to this email or post your comments at this link....
    24 hours: Good news & bad--


    Support ALIPAC as Your Voice

    If you feel fighting the refugee resettlement programs is something ALIPAC should do, please signal your support with a donation of any amount at...

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    So nice to have more good news!
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    As if we don't already have too many ILLEGALS here! When is Congress going to do something about our POTUS' constant overreach of power. Where are all the supposed "Tea Party" Conservatives that were elected in 2012/2014?
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    ALIPAC to Stop the UN-US 'Jihadi Pipeline?' YES!

    With regards to the massive influx of refugees from predominantly Muslim countries such as Syria, I hate to split the resources of ALIPAC to another cause however this 'invasion' may have even MORE dire consequences. Europe is having to deal with this UN-refugee onslaught and countries like Great Britain are saying 'no,' as their countries are being overrun. I saw a shocking video from CBN on France and their results of their 'multiculturalism' where they now have "No go" zones which they describe as little caliphates in France of Muslims, where the police do not go and enforce the law. The French are being beaten up by groups of Muslims, some of which don't even speak Arabic but are using Islam as the excuse to pummel, beat and stab French citizens who are now saying they are afraid to walk the streets of Paris. It is a 4 minute watch but worth every second. Just an eye opener where this is headed and why this is an important issue that ALIPAC must take a stance on. I am in no way trying to step on any toes here, but Special Operation Speaks PAC has taken some action and has some good facts to use to inform legislators. Again, I believe we MUST team up in whatever way possible since it is a numbers game and we are being attacked on so many fronts, we literally need all the help we can get. My 2 cents.

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    I think that refugee resettlement falls under the auspices of "legal immigration", even if it is being abused by the Obama cartel, and is a valid topic and concern.
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    This should be considered carefully. Yes. I agree with Full duke that continued influx of Islam followers presents many more dangers to Americans. Yes, I agree with Newmexican that this technically is lgal immigration. Now, my suggestion, the history books are full of past organizations who went under trying to be everything for everybody, taking on more than their original intention. I do not feel it is my position to say yes or no, I think any possible financial ability need addressing.

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