You did it again ALIPAC activists!

Just like many of the battles listed in our list of accomplishments 2006-2023 detailed and documented at this link (HERE) Your lobbying and activism pressure this week (Review HERE) has persuaded US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and GOP Majority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) to schedule a vote on the border security bill in Mid May!

If you support our ability to sometimes win important battles against illegal immigration and you want us to fight to get more Americans involved trying to pass this bill in a few short weeks, send your support before the deadline in 24 hours at...

Together, your contributions of time and funds to these efforts have had a strong impact. Now, we have to get this bill passed and to Biden's desk for him to sign or veto as Title 42 ends which is expected to greatly increase the already historic flow of illegals into America.

However, you now have only 24 hours to decide if Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( continues past this weekend.

We've currently only raised $2,932 of the minimum of $4,000 we must raise by Midnight tomorrow... Sunday... May 30, 2023 to cover our costs for April. At the 4k level, we can continue to fight on May 1.

If you support our NATIONAL efforts against illegal immigration, open-borders, illegal voters, big tech censorship, and Amnesty, please donate $10+ right away at...

PO Box 30966
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