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    26 GOP Lawmakers Voted To Support Obama's illegal alien amnesty dictate!

    In another sign that the Republican Party is just too far gone into the pockets of the US Chamber of Commerce and other financial powers flooding America with third world illegal aliens, 26 Republicans voted against the amendment designed to stop Obama's amnesty dictate!

    While a large majority of Republican voters and American citizens oppose any President defying the US Constitution, and similar majorities oppose amnesty for illegal aliens (despite the propaganda polls of the left), these 26 Republicans sided with Democrats against their own party to support Obama and the illegals.

    Twelve of these will be new additions to ALIPAC's "Illegal alien amnesty supporters" list that we are working to update with their names and profiles this weekend...

    Please take a few moments to read and circulate this article detailing the betrayal of 26 Republicans led by North Carolina's number one illegal immigration supporter Congresswoman Renee Ellmers!


    Then get ready to call the offices of these 26 to explain:

    "I just read where Representative ______ was one of only 26 Republicans who supported Obama and the illegal aliens by voting against Rep. Blackburn's amendment to stop Obama from violating the US Constitution and many of our existing immigration laws. I am very upset to see your office stand with Democrats, illegal aliens, and a deplorable usurper in the White House instead of your constituents. Please let Representative _____ know that I will personally work to throw him/her out of office for voting to support Obama's abuses of power and amnesty for illegals over the interests of Americans!"

    Here is your list of contact info for the new 26 GOP sellouts helping Obama establish amnesty for illegals by dictate. Please call them and then place opposition messages on their social media pages.


    Let's give these sleazy politicians an earful!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: If you are happy with our legislative victory in the US House yesterday that is the result of a lot of hard work by ALIPAC leaders and activists, then we need your financial support right away. Victories of any kind against the well financed invasion supporters can only happen when enough Americans combine our time, energy, and funds in the fight. Please make a donation right away at...
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