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Thread: ALIPAC Accomplishments 2020 through 2023 (Current)

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    ALIPAC Accomplishments 2020 through 2023 (Current)

    2023 ALIPAC Accomplishments

    -- ALIPAC conducts activism campaign to get more state Attorney Generals to join the lawsuit against Biden's illegal parole amnesty program for illegal immigrants. (IN PROGRESS)

    -- ALIPAC rallies activists behind North Carolina bill HB 10 to stop woke Democrat Sheriffs from providing sanctuary to illegals. -- ALIPAC launched a public & activist support campaign backing federal HR 29 to detain, deport, & repel illegals. (IN PROGRESS)

    2022 ALIPAC Accomplishments

    -- ALIPAC launched a successful online ad campaign against four DC-based Amnesty-supporting power groups as a new strategy to shut down Lame Duck Amnesty 2022.

    -- Our activists helped stop DC lawmakers from passing Amnesty for illegal aliens in the Lame Duck session of December 2022.

    -- ALIPAC endorsed and supported more than 60+ federal candidates for US Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate, who are aligned with the majority of America's citizens who oppose illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegals.

    -- ALIPAC helped elevate the issues of illegal immigration, crime, and inflation in the 2022 General Elections.

    -- ALIPAC's William Gheen generated national press coverage in the Washington Times, alerting the nation that it was open-borders, sanctuary policies, and illegal immigrants who murdered NC Sheriff Deputy Ned Byrd.

    -- ALIPAC helped shut down a rally by Democrats and RINO Republicans to pass Amnesty in DC in July of 2022.

    -- ALIPAC contributed to the defeat of corrupt Amnesty supporting incumbent Rep. Rodney Davis, who was placed on ALIPAC's Cantor List for removal from office. Davis was defeated by ALIPAC's endorsed candidate Amnesty opponent Rep. Mary Miller.

    -- ALIPAC helped conservative illegal immigration opponent Sandy Smith win her primary against expensive RINO Republican false negative attack ads in NC's new 1st Congressional district.

    -- ALIPAC helped defeat RINO globalist Republican Pat McCrory's 2022 North Carolina US Senate campaign by distributing exclusive videos showing McCrory's support for illegal immigrants as Mayor of Charlotte, NC. McCrory was soundly defeated, and ALIPAC Endorsed candidate Rep. Ted Budd won the GOP primary for US Senate.

    -- ALIPAC conducts public and political pressure campaigns to support the more than 14 federal lawmakers endorsed by ALIPAC, who are calling for the impeachment of both President Joe Biden and VP Harris for their numerous violations of the US Constitution and existing border laws to support this illegal immigration invasion of America.

    -- ALIPAC announced in Feb. 2022 that 40+ illegal alien Amnesty support Republican lawmakers have been defeated or left office since being exposed by ALIPAC's Cantor List.

    -- ALIPAC successfully fought to preserve the Filibuster Rule in the US Senate, which has saved Americans from many radical changes to US laws, including Amnesty and voting rights for tens of millions of illegals.

    -- ALIPAC helped stop Democrat-backed HR 1, aka the Orwellian named "For The People Act" and "Freedom to Vote Act," which would make it even easier for non-citizens and illegal aliens to steal American elections and votes, by releasing an updated list proving non-citizen voters are a problem, information which is censored by Google and other Big Tech influences.

    2021 ALIPAC Accomplishments

    -- ALIPAC successfully fought right up until Christmas of 2021 to help stop the Amnesty for illegals provision in the Build Back Better bill HR 5376 in the US Senate.

    -- Successfully lobbied Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough to stop Schumer's rule-breaking amnesty plans by ruling Amnesty provisions in budget bills violate Senate rules.

    -- ALIPAC successfully helped rallied public opposition to kill the Biden Harris plan to give $450,000 payments to some illegal aliens.

    -- Raised funds from ALIPAC network activists to help aid Project Veritas when their HQ was flooded by the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

    -- ALIPAC raised support for truth-seeking pro-America content creators on YouTube who often tell US citizens the truth about illegal immigration and surrounding issues, and problems caused by the invasion.

    -- ALIPAC became a victim and sounded the alarm about activist banks like Truist joining the cancel culture mobs in an effort to punish American citizens for their protected free speech and political views!

    -- ALIPAC successfully warned and mobilized activists to prevent America's Amnesty cabal from pressuring Senate Democrats and the Biden Harris administration to include Amnesty for illegal immigrants in the infrastructure funding bill.

    -- ALIPAC pushed back on former President George W. Bush when he spoke out from retirement in 2021 on behalf of Amnesty for illegal aliens, which ALIPAC helped stop him from passing in 2005 and 2006.

    -- ALIPAC successfully fought to stop Biden Harris from achieving their announced goal of providing legislative Amnesty for millions of illegals within their first 100 days in office!

    -- ALIPAC received the endorsement and support of Angel Families of America founder Agnes Gibboney who's son Ronald Da Silva was killed by an illegal alien in 2002 because our border and immigration laws are not enforced.

    -- ALIPAC began nationally leading calls to impeach both Biden and Harris in January of 2021 when they broke US laws to declare a 100 day moratorium on deportations for all illegals.

    2020 ALIPAC Accomplishments

    -- ALIPAC politically supported wrongfully convicted Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean and their families for more than a decade when finally President Donald Trump pardoned them in Dec. 2020.

    -- ALIPAC successfully fought and helped defeat foreign labor sellout bill S. 386.

    -- ALIPAC's assertion and tracking list showing that non-citizen voters and illegal aliens helped elect Democrat President Joe Biden was reinforced by a study from the New Jersey-based Just Facts organization and White House Sr. Advisor Stephen Miller.

    -- ALIPAC filed formal complaints with both the Federal Elections Commission and the FCC documenting and asking for relief from Big Tech censorship of conservatives designed to influence elections in favor of Democrats by companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

    -- ALIPAC took steps to expose corrupt Democrat Governor Roy Cooper's efforts to protect non-citizen and illegal alien voters in North Carolina.

    -- ALIPAC successfully helped stop DC legislation like the "Heroes Act" that would have extended Obama's DACA Amnesty for illegals and given stimulus funds to illegals.

    -- ALIPAC successfully fought to stop the Trump administration from cutting a deal with Democrats to give millions of illegals Amnesty via a "path to citizenship" and voting rights, and accurately warned President Trump that betraying his campaign promise to end Obama's DACA Amnesty and trying to pass a law to preserve DACA would cost him the election in 2020.

    -- ALIPAC officially endorsed demands for a full economic and diplomatic decoupling with China in response to the mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic virus, civil and human rights abuses by China, and unacceptable national and personal security risks created by China's control of vital cultural, technological, and medical companies and supplies.

    -- ALIPAC successfully fought to stop the Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act, which would have given pandemic stimulus funds to illegal immigrants.

    -- ALIPAC successfully pressured the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to update and remove false information about Covid-19 from their website.

    Review ALIPAC's List of Accomplishments and Efforts 2006-2020 at...
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    I'm on the air right now warning folks that ALIPAC goes down in 4 days if we can't raise the rest of the $4,000 minimum funding we need to cover our expenses for April, 2023.

    We are so thankful for the ALIPAC donors, volunteers, and activists like you who have made our past accomplishments and current national activism campaigns against illegal immigration possible....

    We are working on a new updated list of ALIPAC organized donor and activist accomplishments against the open-borders cabal you made possible 2020 through today at...

    If you want ALIPAC to fight beyond April 31, we have only raised $1,686 of the 4k. We only have 96 hours to raise the remainder or bow out.

    Please at least send in $10 which everyone can do even in this economy to let us know you hear us and are with us in this fight at...

    William Gheen
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