ALIPAC calls for state and local police to begin enforcing immigration laws.


CONTACT: William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 329-3999

Responding to public statements by law enforcement and district attorney’s, ALIPAC has launched a campaign to accurately inform the public, lawmakers, law enforcement agencies, and the media regarding the role of local law enforcement in immigration matters by calling for local and state police in NC and the entire nation to take action immediately.

Hundreds of citizen activists are forwarding ALIPAC’s Report “State and Local Police CAN enforce immigration law and do in some states!� to local police departments, reporters, county sheriffs, district attorneys, judges, and local and state elected officials. The report is being distributed nationally with special emphasis on North Carolina where much of the public is just learning of the federal government’s failure to enforce our existing immigration laws.

Key components of the report include the fact that local and state police can and should enforce immigration laws, Alabama and Florida are already doing so, other states plan to do so, a 1996 federal law allows local enforcement, the Bush administration has ordered federal resources to reduce their immigration enforcement actions, felons are being released from prison without deportation, and over 80% of the public supports local enforcement.

Members of the press are encouraged to read the full report at the link below, explore the background information, and alert the public immediately. The public deserves to be fully and accurately informed of this information so the best policy decisions can be made to address our illegal immigration crisis which is reaching emergency status.

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