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    ALIPAC Endorses Christine Villaverde Vs. Amnesty Rep. Deborah Ross (NC-2)

    ALIPAC Endorses Christine Villaverde Vs. Amnesty Rep. Deborah Ross (NC-2)

    For National Release | May 5, 2022

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( endorses GOP Primary Challenger Christine Villaverde for Congress in her bid to unseat North Carolina Rep. Deborah Ross (D-NC-2) because Villavarde has the strongest stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty, while incumbent Democrat Rep. Deborah Ross supports Amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights for illegals.

    Christine Villaverde has the strongest GOP primary campaign and leads in fundraising and campaign organization. She is also endorsed by renowned illegal immigration opponent Dr. Kelli Ward of Arizona.

    Christine Villaverde has completed ALIPAC's 2022 federal candidate survey (View), where she pledges to...

    -- "protect American lives, jobs, taxpayer resources, and elections by opposing any form of Amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens while simultaneously supporting the full enforcement of America's existing immigration laws in order to deter and reverse illegal immigration in America." --

    Villaverde has also reviewed ALIPAC's collection of evidence proving non-citizens (including illegals) are registering and voting in US elections illegally and evidence illustrating how big tech companies like Google are censoring this information.

    Incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Deborah Ross has the opposite views and regularly tells constituents she supports citizenship and voting rights Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. When Ross was in the NC General Assembly, she supported benefits such as licenses and in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants. JWP Civitas polling later proved that four out of five of NC's legal voters opposed Ross's radical positions on immigration.

    In 2011, then State Representative Deborah Ross ignited controversy when she was caught on camera at a General Assembly committee meeting stating,
    "language means a lot to me. Anybody who is from Mexico or Honduras... they're also Americans." Unfortunately, that video is one of many censored and removed by the Google/Youtube corporation, which is biased in favor of those who support illegal immigration.

    "We believe a strong Republican candidate like Christine Villaverde can prevail if enough voters become aware of how her positions on immigration issues differ from those of incumbent Deborah Ross," said William Gheen, spokesperson for "While the illegal immigrant voters in NC-2 and 'La Raza' groups support Ross's extreme views in support of illegal immigration, most voters understand that out-of-touch liberals like Deborah Ross have open-borders positions that are harmful to American citizens and legal immigrants of all races and walks of life."

    ALIPAC asks the organization's more than 50,000 national supporters to contribute to, volunteer for, and vote for Christine Villaverde for Congress (Website) when applicable.

    Christine Villaverde has also been active on the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Facebook group (View), where voters can learn more about her positions and views on immigration issues.

    Christine Villavarde joins ALIPAC's Endorsed Candidates list (View) as endorsed candidate #60 in the 2022 mid-terms. She must win against fellow GOP candidates Mahesh Ganorkar and Adina Safta in the May 17 primary to advance against Ross in the November General Election.

    For more information, please visit

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