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Thread: ALIPAC Endorses Two Angel Family Members for Congress

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    ALIPAC Endorses Two Angel Family Members for Congress

    ALIPAC Endorses Two Angel Family Members for Congress

    For National Release | February 13, 2020

    Focus national support behind these candidates + share and discuss this release at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE)

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is endorsing two Angel Family candidates for Congress today, Agnes Gibboney (R-CA-31) and Teddy Daniels (R-PA-8 ), who both have lost family members to the criminal actions of illegal immigrants who should have never been allowed to enter or remain in America.

    Agnes Gibboney is challenging Democrat incumbent Pete Aguilar in California's 31st district and Teddy Daniels hopes to unseat Democrat incumbent Matt Cartwright in Pennsylvania's 8th district.

    Both reps Pete Aguilar and Matt Cartwright support Amnesty for illegal aliens, open-borders, and sanctuary policies that protect criminal illegal immigrants.

    Agnes Gibboney is an Angel mom whose only son Ronald da Silva was murdered by a previously deported criminal illegal alien gang member in 2002. She has become a national spokesperson on the many dangers and problems caused by illegal immigration in an effort to protect other American families. Agnes is also a legal immigrant who became a US citizen in 1983.

    Teddy Daniels is a combat veteran and retired police officer whose mother was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien in 2001. His campaign recently released a resurfaced copy of a viral video of Teddy being shot by an enemy combatants in Afghanistan. This video of an intense firefight was watched over 44 million times on YouTube and was covered by the Washington Post, CBS, Business Insider, the Army Times, the Daily Mail, the Blaze, and dozens of other publications. (View Here)

    Gibboney and Daniels have completed and returned ALIPAC's 2020 federal candidate survey indicating that, unlike all incumbent Democrats and half of the incumbent Republicans in DC, they oppose "immigration Reform Amnesty legislation like HB 6 for millions of illegal immigrants," "more green cards and imported workers from India and China found in HB 1044/S 386," "the current DACA Amnesty protections from deportation and work permits for more than 800,000 illegals," and "
    catch and release and asylum policies at our border for illegal immigrants."

    "We need the voices of our Angel family members like Teddy Daniels and Agnes Gibboney in Congress to change the focus in DC away from Amnesty deals for companies and illegal immigrants, and towards strong enforcement of our existing border and immigration laws," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Opposing immigration reform Amnesty for illegals, DACA Amnesty, and visa or legal immigration increases are powerful winning issues with the American electorate. We hope to see more federal candidates campaigning against Amnesty and illegal immigration in 2020."

    Teddy Daniels and Agnes Gibboney are being added to ALIPAC's online list of endorsed federal candidates today. (View Here)

    ALIPAC was founded on 9/11 of 2004 to support candidates and campaign volunteers who want to see illegal immigration into America stopped and reversed without racism or rancor.

    Americans who oppose open-borders and illegal immigration are encouraged to donate to, volunteer for, and vote for Agnes Gibboney and Teddy Daniels for Congress in 2020. For more information, website, and social media pages for Agnes Gibboney (View Here) and for Teddy Daniels (View Here)

    For more information about ALIPAC's efforts to remove illegal immigration and Amnesty supporting Democrats and Republicans from office, please visit


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