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    ALIPAC Fund Raiser Update. Extended to Sept. 11

    Supporters of ALIPAC:

    Thank you to all of you that have responded to our August fund raiser for ALIPAC. We have received a good response with several larger donations and many small donations.

    While ALIPAC was designed to run off of small donations, we have reached a real cross roads. The demands on our organization far exceed our resources in labor and funds. We are in a constant state of triage and backlog doing our best to "Do what we can" in this struggle. Our projects are meeting with success, but we have not been aggressive in asking you for financial contributions.

    Much of our mail has been delayed due to the time required for data entry and mail assembly on top of the many other projects running at ALIPAC. We are about 30% below where we need to be on this fund raiser due to the delay with the mail and the frequency of large donors is too low.

    We are extending the fund raiser to Sept. 11, 2006 which is ALIPAC's two year anniversary. It is important that we hear back from you before then.

    Your financial support is critical to our ability to continue and our ability to accomplish our primary goal of creating a national voter guide and supporting candidates that need our help. Working together, we have established one of the most effective national organizations fighting illegal immigration. We need your support to be able to grow and meet more of the needs placed on us.

    Please discuss this effort with your families and see what you can do. While $25 and $50 contributions really add up, we must locate more donors that are willing to give $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 or more.

    We will do our best to get the remaining fund raising letters out by the end of this week and to get volunteers on the phones to call you and ask for donations.

    Please take what action you can today to contribute to ALIPAC online or through the mail.

    Your support is critical to our efforts and greatly appreciated.

    To Contribute Online visit ... page&pid=9

    To Contribute by Mail, please send checks made out to ALIPAC (No business checks allowed) to..

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    Thank you for your support.
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    Count me in for a few bucks. Hopefully if a couple thousand members will donate somewhere between 25 and 50 bucks each, we can make a collective statement for a little while longer.

    Obviously we aren't rich after the Federal Gov't gets all done picking our pockets and I'm sure everyone has noticed that their grocery bill has tripled in the past five years. But skip going out to dinner one night this month and donate that money to a good cause. And on the night you would have gone out to dinner, use the time to come share your thoughts on how things should be and what we are going to do as a group to make our lacklustre legislators listen to us once and for all.
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    I made another small contribution today. I've made several small contributions to ALIPAC since I joined in April 2005. I'm still unemployed and cannot afford much more than $25.00 at a time but these donations do add up over time.
    People who take issue with control of population do not understand that if it is not done in a graceful way, nature will do it in a brutal fashion - Henry Kendall

    End foreign aid until America fixes it's own poverty first - me

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