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    ALIPAC Renews Calls for Trump to appoint Arpaio To Border Security Post

    ALIPAC Renews Calls for Trump to appoint Arpaio To Border Security Post

    For National Release

    August 15, 2017

    (Raleigh-NC) Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is renewing and intensifying activist efforts to persuade President Trump to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio and take further steps to appoint him to a position in the Trump administration working to secure America's borders.

    ALIPAC is encouraged by recent reports Trump is now considering pardoning Arpaio and has been lobbying Trump through calls to the White House, social media posts, letter writing campaigns, and media appearances on talk radio shows to appoint Arpaio to help secure the borders since Trump's inauguration in January.

    Today, ALIPAC's more than 50,000 supporters are being asked to renew and intensify their efforts by calling the White House at 202-456-1111 and Tweet to @RealDonaldTrump to ask Trump to both pardon and appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsed candidate Trump and appeared with him on stage at rallies although such open support may have cost Arpaio his own election and career due to the divisive nature of the 2016 GOP Presidential primary. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known as one of America's toughest law enforcement leaders, and he has fought against illegal immigration and for border security for many years before Trump's recent arrival on those issues.

    "Many supporters of both Arpaio and Trump have been very disappointed with President Trump's neglect of his ally Joe Arpaio," explained William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Trump's recent admissions that he supports DACA and Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal immigrants combined with his leaving Sheriff Joe out of his administration are applying downward pressure on the President's approval ratings because these factors appear to contradict his campaign promises on immigration issues. Pardoning Arpaio and appointing him to a border security position would be welcome news among those of us who fought so hard to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton."

    ALIPAC originally endorsed and supported Donald Trump because Trump's campaign emulated ALIPAC's Platform (view) established on 9/11 of 2004. The endorsement had to be dropped when Trump endorsed DACA and Comprehensive Amnesty for illegals he opposed during his campaign.

    ALIPAC believes that American citizens who were responsive to Trump's campaign rhetoric regarding illegal immigration must now make efforts to pressure President Trump to keep his campaign promises and to take good care of anti-illegal immigration leaders like Joe Arpaio who made Trump's GOP primary and general election win possible.

    For more information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump's campaign promises on immigration issues, DACA Dream Act or Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty, please visit

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