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    ALIPAC Request for Police License Checkpoint in Concord, NC

    Sheriff Riley:

    Our organization is a national political action committee supported by Americans of every race, political party, state, and walk of life. We are dedicated to peaceful and racially inclusive political action that leads to the adequate enforcement of America's existing immigration and border laws as established by the US Constitution and our representatives in Congress.

    We are requesting that your office and the Concord Police please consider setting up a license checkpoint outside of Concord High School tomorrow morning on Sat. Sept 25 from 7am to 1pm.

    One of the organizers of this event taking place at Concord High School has requested police presence and we feel that is an excellent idea. We have put out a national press release explaining our positions and requesting a license checkpoint for this event.

    Press release copy...
    ALIPAC Issues Statement About NC High School Supporting Illegal Aliens

    It is our understanding that Concord High School will be helping the Mexican Consulate to provide a problematic form of ID called Matricula Consular cards to Mexican citizens that are both legally and illegally inside the United States. While these cards are legal, we have several concerns.

    1. From our research and national observations, the Matricula Card is not a very secure form of ID and is often sought by those using aliases or seeking to legitimize their illegal presence in America. Recent activist research indicates that while some banks accept Matricula Consular cards as an allowable form of ID, most major Mexican banks do not trust or accept the cards issued by the Mexican government to supposed citizens abroad....

    Video ... r_embedded

    2. Legal immigrants and American citizens have a host of other forms of identification they can use, thus only illegal immigrants really need a Matricula Consular card to do business or aid their unlawful presence in America. Thus, we feel the actions of Concord High School and the Mexican Consulate are likely violations of Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act. Unfortunately, we are all aware that the Federal government is failing to properly enforce most of our existing immigration laws including these.

    While we realize that it is beyond the scope of the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Department and the Concord Police Department to enforce federal immigration laws at this time, there may be sufficient reason, reasonable suspicion, or probable cause to believe that illegal immigrants that are not qualified to possess North Carolina or South Carolina driver licenses according to state laws will be likely if not almost certain to attend this meeting.

    With the knowledge that this event is for Mexican citizens legally and illegally in American from SC and NC where it violates state law for illegals to have driver licenses, your departments would be well within your rights and strongly supported from the community by setting up a license checkpoint to check motorists of every age, race, and physical appearance.

    Our support for this protest is to raise awareness in the community about the actions of the Concord High School and Mexican Consulate in this matter. We feel certain there will be broad based opposition to the actions of Concord High School and the Cabarrus County School board on this matter.

    Please do all you can tomorrow to keep our roadways safe from unlicensed drivers, illegal immigrants that have shown a disregard for our laws, and those that would seek fraudulent documents.

    Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any assistance to you or your officers regarding these matters.


    William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
    FEC ID: C00405878
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    It is racist to harass unlicensed and un insured drivers if they are latino illegal aliens

    You know this , right?

    Of course this would be huge if it was used by most cities , especially the ones with Ice agreements ,
    Of course impound and towing work wonders also , It seems to work in some Calif cities.

    In fact an email campaign to every police force in America outlining this as a blow against illegals may be in order , not to mention getting unsafe drivers off the streets.

    Its an easy deal , just get the activist involved and anything is possible

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    Concord's Sheriff Riley is up for reelection this year. As in most small towns, he is not going to do anything to "upset" anyone this close to election.

    It will be interesting to know if road blocks are sat up.

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    Well, right now it is my understanding that lots of police are going to be on hand at this event.

    While that is just fine with me and I look forward to getting to tell lots of officers how much I appreciate their service to our communities, illegal aliens might think twice or even three times before waltzing in to get their bogus ID.

    One thing is CERTAIN and that is that the people of Concord, NC will notice this and ask what is going on and when they find out what is going on then they may want to make sure the bogus ID mill for illegal aliens does not visit their school system again.

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