Supporters of ALIPAC:

We are rescinding our endorsement of the Tom Kean campaign for US Senate in NJ and the Zack Wamp for Congress campaign in TN.

We have discovered that Zack Wamp favors a "Path to citizenship" reward for illegal aliens currently in the US.

Tom Kean supports a Guest Worker Program hidden beneath his large mounds of campaign rhetoric about enforcement.

Any candidate that does not have the backbone to stand up to the big corporations and say NO to Guest Worker amnesty will not receive our endorsement or our endorsement will be removed upon detection.

These two candidates want to change the existing laws of the US to allow illegal aliens to stay in America!

E-mails are being sent tonight to notify both campaigns with explanations.

Here is an example for you to view.

Full text of e-mail Tom Kean sent to an ALIPAC Supporter found here ... ic&t=45867

"Finally, we must revisit and reform immigration policy concerning those who are here illegally due to special circumstances, including familial relationships. For those who are currently in the United States illegally we must enact a program that allows the majority of undocumented individuals to register and remain in the U.S. temporarily, before requiring them to return home. At that time, those individuals would be allowed to apply for re-entry through legal means. "

Notes indicating our decision have been added to the list of endorsements at ... age&pid=30

"We do not need more lawmakers supporting lawbreakers!"