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    67,853 Endorses Ted Budd for US Senate in NC GOP Primary Endorses Ted Budd for US Senate in NC GOP Primary

    For Vocal Opposition to Amnesty for Illegals

    For National Release | May 13, 2022

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    (Raleigh, NC) Weighing in on the top issues of the 2022 elections, which are Biden's border disaster and illegal immigration, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is endorsing Congressman Ted Budd for US Senate in North Carolina's May 17 primary today.

    ALIPAC previously endorsed Rep. Ted Budd for Congress in September 2021 after Rep. Budd signed an open letter, along with twenty-four GOP House Representatives urging President Biden not to include Amnesty for millions of illegals in the budget bill to break the rules of Congress and avoid the filibuster rule.

    "We believe that Rep. Ted Budd is the US Senate candidate most closely aligned with the views of North Carolinians on immigration issues, and he is the candidate most likely to defeat Pat McCrory in the primary. We oppose Pat McCrory because he allowed large numbers of illegals special privileges when he was Mayor of Charlotte, NC," said William Gheen, founder and spokesperson for ALIPAC.

    ALIPAC re-released videos of thousands of illegal aliens rallying outside of Mayor Pat McCrory's city offices in Charlotte in 2006 without the expensive permits and security presence required of US citizens to do the same. Such a large gathering in the center of a major city, just a few years after 9/11, could only forgo any police presence with the clearance of the McCrory's office. (View May 11 Release HERE) .. (View Videos HERE)

    In contrast, Representative Ted Budd has sponsored legislation in Congress to support Title 42 restrictions at the borders, build security fences and walls, and support the Angel Families and other victims of illegal alien crimes on US soil.

    NumbersUSA, a national organization that monitors the DC voting behavior of members of Congress, gives Rep. Ted Budd favorable ratings for opposing Amnesty for illegal immigrants, interior enforcement of immigration laws, and defunding sanctuary cities. And Budd's Senate campaign has been endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC).

    Ted Budd's US Senate campaign promises Budd will fight to secure the border, pass Kate’s Law, which increases criminal penalties for illegal aliens who re-enter the U.S (named in honor of Kate Steinle), and pass the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act, which allows victims of any felony committed by illegal immigrants and their relatives (Angel Families) to sue the state or local government for their failure to comply with federal law.

    Ted Budd is also campaigning to take on Big Tech censorship of conservatives online, which is an issue that has drastically curtailed the civil rights of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC supporters and many more Americans who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty.

    ALIPAC's national supporters are encouraged to donate to, volunteer for, and vote for Ted Budd when applicable, and his campaign is being added as #61 to ALIPAC's Endorsements (View).

    For more information on big tech censorship, illegal alien Democrat voters, and which candidates support or oppose Amnesty for illegals, please visit

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