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    ALIPAC Will No Longer Utilize NumbersUSA Information

    It is regretful that we must issue this notice after many years supporting and promoting the efforts of NumbersUSA.

    However, since NumbersUSA has now changed from an Amnesty opposing organization (2004-2016) to one that supports Amnesty deals for illegal immigrants, ALIPAC is ending our support for NumbersUSA and discontinuing our links and promotions of their materials. While we still support many of the legal immigration reductions as NumbersUSA does, the fact that they are telling DC lawmakers that they can support Amnesty for illegals and not face opposition nor penalties on their NumbersUSA "Report Cards" works against ALIPAC's mission and message to lawmakers which is "No Amnesty," "No DACA," "No Dream Act"!

    NumbersUSA is a multi-million dollar budget, non-profit organization that has extensive contact with DC lawmakers up close in Washington. Their major shift joining the pro-Amnesty groups and telling White House employees they will back Amnesty in exchange for future promises to reduce legal immigration levels is a major blow to ALIPAC's efforts to support and restore America's immigration laws.

    Therefore, ALIPAC will no longer endorse, support, link to, or promote NumbersUSA as we have in the past. (See full details below)

    While we do not intend to press release this announcement to the national media, in the interest of minimizing the great harm the NumbersUSA defection to the Amnesty side of the debate is already causing within our national movement, we do need to tell our supporters and fully explain since we have encouraged ALIPAC backers to support NumbersUSA for more than ten years. At ALIPAC, we believe in being as open and transparent as possible with all major decisions out of respect for our supporters.

    At first, we were puzzled as to why many of the incumbent lawmakers in DC who had ALIPAC's endorsement and A grades from NumbersUSA turned and started supporting Amnesty deals for illegal immigrants over the last few years. But now it is clear that NumbersUSA is actively encouraging lawmakers to pass an Amnesty they marketed themselves as opponents to from 2004 to 2016.

    Furthermore, we recently checked to compare what kind of grades NumbersUSA was giving to the known Amnesty supporters on ALIPAC's Cantor List and Kate's List.

    The Cantor List and Kate's List Republicans have been documented supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens which would permanently destroy America's already beleaguered existing immigration laws.

    We have asked NumbersUSA about this problem before, and they told us 1) They only grade lawmakers on actual votes in DC, not the things they say at events and media, therefore their grading process gives a free pass to many Amnesty backers; and 2) They try to pad their grades towards favorable ratings to maintain their access to lawmakers in their offices for lobbying purposes.

    We looked up the NumbersUSA immigration grades on the first 20 names on ALIPAC's Cantor List (View) and found 13 of 20 Amnesty supporters received Average (C) or above Average (B, A) grades even though they are documented as supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens. In the case of Rep. John Culberson (R-TX), he has an A- grade from NumbersUSA despite the fact that he is on record voting for omnibus spending bills under Obama that funded Obama unlawful DACA orders, dangerous Muslim refugee resettlement programs, and sanctuary cities for illegals, and contained sneaky provisions that increased legal immigration levels through more imported cheap labor! (View Culberson's Amnesty Profile at ALIPAC)

    The final straw is NumbersUSA's efforts to promote and pass Amnesty backer Rep. Bob Goodlatte's "Secure America First" bill HR 4760. This bill would grant a form of Amnesty to illegal immigrants and mandate a national ID most Americans have opposed for decades. Most of the e-mails and fundraising appeals NumbersUSA is sending out to promote this bill exclude any mention of the DACA Amnesty component in the bill!

    We feel that if NumbersUSA is going to raise millions of dollars from Americans to try to pass a bill like HR 4760, they should be open about the Amnesty component in the legislation and explain why they have changed alignment on the issue of Amnesty for illegal aliens when asking for money.

    Therefore, from this point forward ALIPAC will--

    -- Remove all links to NumbersUSA immigration grades prominently displayed on ALIPAC's Endorsement list. (View)

    -- No longer promote NumbersUSA or NumbersUSA immigration grades in press releases to national and local media.

    -- No longer reference or promote NumbersUSA in a favorable light in our e-mail alerts and social media posts.

    We wish we did not have to take these steps and report this unfortunate situation to our ALIPAC supporters, but ALIPAC is a national organization that opposes illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals.

    Therefore, we do not support Amnesty supporting candidates, lawmakers, or groups.

    Now that NumbersUSA is in the Amnesty supporting group category and we know we cannot trust their incumbent grading practices to reflect penalties for supporting Amnesty, we must change and end ALIPAC's support for NumbersUSA.

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
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