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Thread: ALIPAC's 2019 Accomplishments in the national fight against illegal immigration

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    ALIPAC's 2019 Accomplishments in the national fight against illegal immigration

    Please review, discuss, and share our 2019 accomplishments by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    We are overdue updating our accomplishments page at...

    If you visit the full page, you can review our accomplishment for all but two years since 2004.

    Today, we are adding the following items below for our ALIPAC 2019 accomplishments.

    Please review and circulate.

    2019 ALIPAC Accomplishments

    -- ALIPAC activists successfully fought and stopped Amnesty 2019 legislation from passing Congress such as HR 6, and HR 5038. ALIPAC also helped prevent visa outsourcing bill S. 386 from becoming law to protect American workers.

    -- ALIPAC helped fight to stop illegal immigrant sanctuary policies in Arizona and Maryland in an effort to save some American lives from the negative impacts of illegal immigration.

    -- ALIPAC built and maintains a tracking list (View Here) of conservative American groups and voices who are being abused and censored by left-wing Silicon Valley corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. ALIPAC released video evidence documenting a strong example of this censorship.

    -- ALIPAC built and maintains a growing list of evidence and documentation (View Here) proving that illegal aliens and non-citizens are registering to vote and voting in US elections despite the fact that both actions are felony level crimes.

    -- ALIPAC endorsed and launched support efforts to help several federal candidates who oppose illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegals.

    -- ALIPAC launched a successful public pressure campaign in support of Fairfax County, Virginia, police officer who was suspended for turning a criminal illegal alien over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Chief of Police Edwin C. Roessler Jr. quickly responded to the public outcry and reinstated the officer.

    -- ALIPAC conducted a support campaign for pundit Michelle Malkin's new book about illegal immigration called, "Open Borders Inc." in an effort to get more accurate information into the hands of the American public, media, and lawmakers.

    -- ALIPAC's spokesman William Gheen began appearing weekly on Wednesday nights (9pm Eastern) on the Jeff Rense radio show to update Americans on the national battle against illegal immigration, Amnesty, and related issues.

    -- ALIPAC led a group of volunteers called "ALIPAC Eagles" to Washington, DC, in March of 2019 to confront US Senators and their staff to stop Amnesty legislation.

    -- ALIPAC activists from across America helped stop Massachusetts state legislation H 3012 from giving driver licenses to illegal immigrants.

    -- ALIPAC pushed back on North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper in 2019 when he helped illegal alien criminals by vetoing House Bill 370, titled, “An Act to Require Compliance with Immigration Detainers and Administrative Warrants,” which would have prevented left-wing sanctuary cities from protecting illegal alien rapists, robbers, drug dealers, etc.

    -- ALIPAC pushed back on the Trump administration when President Trump called on Congress to restrict gun rights and pass immigration reform Amnesty legislation for millions of illegal aliens in reaction to a mass shooting tragedy.

    -- ALIPAC successfully warned America and diffused a plot in 2019 between pro-Amnesty US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and lifelong Democrat Sr. White House advisor Jared Kushner to pull a bait and switch strategy to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens in DC.

    -- ALIPAC organized and conducted a small yet unprecedented protest against illegal immigration and Amnesty outside of the White House on June 8, 2019. The event was attended by many media sources, leaders in the national fight against Amnesty, and activists from across America.

    -- ALIPAC quickly and effectively shut down a plan to create a loophole for illegal aliens to gain in-state tuition rates in North Carolina through
    SB 295.

    If you support our efforts, please consider a donation of $10 or more at...

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    We need to go after employers now more than ever to NOT rehire these illegal aliens. Send the message that you will be prosecuted and fined for this. No if's, and's, or but's.

    They are out of work, no paychecks, they need to sell out, pack up and go home.

    Make them self deport. Not one dime of bailout money. Unemployment offices had better have STRICT E-verify or systems in place to ensure they do not get any "assistance" of our tax dollars. Those privileges are reserved for the legal U.S. citizens of this country.

    Any company who takes these loans in this Bail Out Bill to pay payroll had better be damn sure those dollars are going to legal U.S. citizens and not illegals. They mandatory E-verify or NO loans!

    No more harboring, aiding, and abetting of illegal aliens anywhere in this country.
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