Supporters of ALIPAC:

The Battle over a Guest Worker Amnesty goes into full swing today!

We will start by focusing on the US Senate.

Please Call your US Senators this week.

Here is what to say. "I want to know how my Senator stands on these Guest Worker bills. A Guest Worker Program is a disguised amnesty. I WILL NOT VOTE for any member of Congress that votes for ANY bill that contains rewards or legalized status for illegal aliens. Furthermore, I will encourage candidates to run against any incumbent that votes for any Guest Worker provisions. I WILL CONTRIBUTE FUNDS and WORK HARD to defeat anyone that votes for this"

Americans for Legal Immigration is drawing a line in the sand on Guest Worker. We will be sending a clear and written message to every member of Congress this week stating that any member that votes for any provision such as Guest Worker that provides a reward, legal status, or anything short of enforcement of our existing laws will NOT BE ENDORSED OR SUPPORTED BY ALIPAC AND WE WILL ACTIVELY WORK TO TARGET THOSE THAT DO FOR DEFEAT IN THE 2006 Elections.

Please access our ALIPAC ACTION PANEL today to use our lobbying tips and find the contact info for your Senator...

found at this link ... age&pid=19

If you can get a written e-mail from your Senator's office saying they DO support Guest Worker or they will oppose Guest worker, please e-mail that information to us or post it in our Discussion Groups at this link.

Let's show our Congress what happens when thousands of Americans raise our voices in opposition together!

Thank you for your support and hard work.


Want to help support our opposition to Guest Worker? Please support our OCTOBER fundraiser today! ... page&pid=9