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    ALIPAC's illegal immigration fighting candidates advancing

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    We are pleased to announce that our ALIPAC endorsed candidates are winning their primaries and advancing to take on open-borders incumbents this November!

    We plan to lead the way by adapting our ALIPAC campaigns for the new elections environment and to encouraging our endorsed campaigns to do the same by obtaining phone contact lists for likely voters and organizing local and national volunteers to call these voters and persuade them to vote for our illegal immigration opposing candidates!


    Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney has won her California primary and is advancing to the general election!

    Sandy Smith, in NC, has won her primary and is advancing to the general election!

    Angel husband and wounded veteran Teddy Daniels has a new primary date now in Pennsylvania of June 2 because of the virus. We must do all we can to help Teddy win on June 2. He needs donations, volunteers, and voters!

    Our pick Dave Hughes will face his primary in Minnesota on Aug 11

    Our candidate George Buck is in a tight Aug 18 GOP primary battle with Anna Paulina Luna, who supports comprehensive, Dream Act, and DACA Amnesty for illegals.

    We will take more steps to help our endorsed incumbents once the primary season for 2020 is over.

    Are there good candidates in your state that need our help? Please email all GOP candidates for US House and Senate a copy of our ALIPAC 2020 Federal Candidate Survey found at this week to help us locate more races we should get involved with.

    Survey link...

    The ALIPAC Volunteer Team
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