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Thread: ALIPAC's William Gheen Fights Enrique Morones of Border Angels on National Broadcast

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    There's a reason why the underground economy has been growing. The IRS says they now lose $500 billion per year in uncollected revenue. Our entire federal budget was that size not too long ago. Illegal aliens want the taxpayer funded programs, yet so many of them are dodging the payments. It is crazy just to say that stuff like that is not serious crime.

    Now I have heard that the federal government has identified 80 specific regions where, supposedly, minority teens are not knowledgeable about sex, so that is why they are getting knocked up? Seems like they know way more than you think! Anyway, so that's one more program the taxpayers have to pay for, and is due to the growing population from illegal aliens. Our county got $6 million. Evidently the feds spent over $100 million on this program. Bexar County, TX got almost $14 million;

    So whoopi for immigrants of color making whoopie!
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    "Men of low degree are vanity, Men of high degree are a lie. " David
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    Babies born here are the anchor and gives entitlement to be in the USA. And as long as everything is paid for by our citizens, ongoing thru to the schooling, it is a give away, a ticket to live in the USA.

    It is obviously taught to them as millions have taken that route. Started in this NE city in 2004 - it was like a floodgate opened, illegals running all around looking for rental apts & houses to sardine into, usually connected to an Asian realty co or Asian owned properties. First thing is, have a baby and your are in like flint. The government did not stop this.

    STOPPING BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP IS IMPERATIVE - that is the magnet and eventual legal right to be here.
    STOP CHAIN MIGRATION TOO AS EACH ILLEGAL HERE WITH A CHILD BORN IN USA WILL BE ABLE TO BRING ALL FAMILY MEMBERS EVEN TO EXTENDED COUSINS. Your congressmen, senators need to hear loudly that laws must change on these 2 issues.
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    William won the fight,but it doesn't matter because nothing will be done. Also it is a far left wing liberal show where people do not want to hear facts. PERIOD!! The Democrat Party is controlled by Communist.
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    Keep speaking the truth Mr. William Gheen!

    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC View Post
    Your constructive feedback is much appreciated. Please listen and circulate if you think more people should hear this fight on The Alan Colmes Show which is nationally syndicated via Fox radio.

    William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal/Less Immigration PAC Vs. illegal immigration amnesty supporter Enrique Morones founder of Border Angels!

    Do you feel Enrique won the fight? Or did William Gheen? Or was it a stalemate?

    Gheen Vs. Morones On Sanctuary Cities
    Aired July 24, 2015
    I think that Mr. William Gheen has hit the point home! Illegal immigrants break the law the moment they step foot into The United States. Statistics, Reasons, Intentions simply are of no concern to Americans. We want our laws enforced with regard to immigration. We need accountabilty for those who aid illegals and illegal activity. We have enough to contend with in our own country, without the added complications from illegals entering into our borders.

    Criminals wrongfully being released upon our public in any form, is risky and a potential danger. Nothing more need to be said, we the people don't want it. Illegals stress our overly burdened criminal justice system, milk financial resources of legal tax paying Americans. Our taxes should not go to support outsiders, when we can not pay our own active military, vets, working public members, and retirees at a reasonable rate. Charity starts at home, and we have a social security sytem to repair, need a better social healthcare system, and have our own citizens in need of food, shelter, clothing, and work. Why should our taxes pay for anchor babies, healthcare for illegals, handouts, and vested interests for illegal causes?

    I have personally witnessed crimes and intolerable acts at the hands of illegal immigrants and their children, and continue to do so daily in my home town of Tyler, Texas. In my own lifetime, crime has grown out of control. Daily loud thundering bass vibrates my home from latino boys and girls, cruising around the neighborhood in their cars with the windows rolled down and blasting their music. Gunshots fire in the air and weekend drunken brawls, are all too common. My roof has been hit twice by stray bullets, and my windows shattered. I have not slept in my own bed upstairs in twenty years, out of fear. My grandmother's garage next door, broken into yearly around fair time. Gang symbols spray painted on private and public property. Vadalism by latino youths, who are often denied basic home training and untaught law observation. Left to live in a state of ferity and heaped upon legal law abiding citizens. We are sick of paying the price for it all!

    I have been assaulted by illegals, who formed a local gang called The Imperials. I was struck in the head with a brick, simply washing my car in my own driveway, without cause. I visibly identified my attackers to the local police, but nothing was done. There was an obvious internal problem within the police department. The records needed to make the arrest of the five individuals somehow went missing. It seemed to be the opinion of the officers on the case, that a person within the police force was aiding the gang members (most probably a latino officer, or clerk).

    At an early age; when the influx of Mexican illegals first began in my hometown, my mother became exposed to T.B. She and her fellow emplyees at the local K-mart became ill, due to one illegal latino lady being hired on by the company. My mother survived, but her lungs remain scarred to this day. Lets not pretend that disease is not crossing our borders! We see it often here in Texas and know it to be a certainty.

    If illegals want a better life, let it begin with rebuilding their own countries of origin with their own two hands. Not living off of ours! My ancestors and I fought to live peaceful and prosperous lives, here in The U.S. My great grandfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and myself broke our bodies to serve this country to defend it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Not to have it given away by politicians, lawyers, bad policies, and a non interested public. Come to Texas, stay a while, and see the future of our country for yourselves, if we do not change our present course. You too will shout; "Remember The Alamo!".
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    It's the Final Battle between good and evil. Well, at least between the Republicans and the Democrats. I'm sure both parties have tried to do the other in before in our history.
    "Men of low degree are vanity, Men of high degree are a lie. " David
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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