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ALIPAC's William Gheen on the Mark Edwards Wake Up America radio show Tuesday night!

Listen live online or find a station carrying the show near you at...

Mark Edwards of the Wake Up America Foundation has invited Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's President William Gheen to be on the show Tuesday Night November 15.

The show starts at 10pm Pacific Time aka 1am Wed Nov. 16 EST (sorry for the late hour folks)

Mark Edwards broadcasts on KDWN-720AM in Las Vegas and worldwide on the Internet via American Voice Radio Network.

Many of you will remember Mark Edwards. He put together the Unite to Fight Summit in Las Vegas back in the spring of this year where Congressman Tancredo, Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox, William Gheen and many others spoke.

Please tune in Tuesday night if you can and help us spread the word!


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