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    Amazing News: Cantor List Updated for 2022 with incredible results

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We have just updated and posted the initial draft of our Cantor List for 2022.

    For those of you who are new to ALIPAC, this list helps voters and activists track which GOP members of the US Senate and House are documented as supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens that large majorities of their constituents back home oppose.

    These are the sellout Republicans who side with Democrats in support of Amnesty and illegal immigration and deserve to be thrown out like we threw Rep. Eric Cantor out of office.

    We just updated from our 2018 list, which you can access at the bottom, and found an astonishing number of Amnesty backing Republicans (40+) have hit the road by retiring, resigning, or being defeated in elections since 2019!

    Our Cantor List 2022 shrank from 88 confirmed targets to 42, and we are adding 5 new ones who are sponsors of the Dignity Act Amnesty bill just filed this month.

    Our political pressure campaigns have clearly had an impact on the RINOs!

    The DC elites are working hard in Congress to put us back on defense against the new Amnesty.

    ALIPAC's Cantor List 2022 and Endorsements List are key to going on offense, but our window of opportunity is closing rapidly.

    Please review and share our new draft list and let us know what you think and know so we can revise it before release tomorrow.

    ALIPAC's Cantor List Amnesty Backers for 2022

    The Team

    PS: Remember to use the social media icons in this email or at the link to the Cantor List to share this info easily by email, text message, or numerous social media options we provide for you.
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