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    America Awakening Against Amnesty Threat: Express Your Anger

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Today the US Senate takes up the nation destroying illegal alien amnesty bill known as S. 744. This bill will legalize and bring in more than 50 million people, predominantly from 3rd world nations, in the next ten years and will cost debt slave taxpayers another 9.4 Trillion in taxpayer benefits!

    As you speak to other Americans about Amnesty Bill S. 744 via social media, talk radio shows, calls to lawmakers, online comments, and personal conversations, please warn as many Americans as you can that the vast majority of those 50 million people will be impoverished and will be unable to read or write in their own languages, much less understand or appreciate the issues, concerns, and principles many Americans share!

    We are pleased to report that in response to our talk radio show appearances, there has been a huge number of new ALIPAC supporters that have joined in our efforts at and We will be working hard to organize and focus this new stream of support coming in. Please keep helping us by circulating our growing petition against amnesty at

    We are also spotting a lot of activists, leaders, and local groups that have been defunct or silent for years re-emerge into the battle now that the amnesty issue is hot again.

    We have achieved two important accomplishments on the road to Defeating Amnesty 2013.

    First, we have slowed the progress of the bill they planned to ramrod into law. So now Americans are starting to hear of the many problems in the bill which is essential to defeating the legislation.

    Second, as of this week, the perception of invincibility of the bill and those supporting it has been crushed! For the last two months, ALIPAC has suffered through citizens telling us that that we are already beaten, that Amnesty is a done deal, and that resistance is futile. The same thing happened in 2006, 2007, and 2010 when we beat Amnesty before. Many Americans sat down or retreated in the face of the vast power and influence of the invasion supporting faction.

    This week, many Americans are starting to see this bill can be beaten. They are seeing and hearing Americans like us fighting back on many fronts regardless of the odds or perceptions of chances of victory or defeat!

    Just yesterday, Rasmussen Reports polling shows that the numbers have dropped to where only 38% of Americans now believe Congress will be able to pass amnesty for illegal aliens this year! The destruction of John McCain's, Chuck Schumer's, and Harry Reid's overconfident claims of invulnerability is an important step we have accomplished on our road to defeating Amnesty 2013.

    Slimy Senator Chuck Schumer's new strategy is to use the Judicial Committee debating over S. 744 to find a strategy to pass the bill in a full Senate vote.

    Due to that strategy concern, we are asking all of you to take the following steps today.

    Step 1: ANGRY Calls to the entire US Senate today and tomorrow (not just the Judicial Committee where Schumer is analyzing and trying to overcome our strategies). Start with your own two Senators and then call as many of the others as possible.

    If you determine the position of a Senator we do not have coded on our list yet, please inform us so we can update the tracking and contact list.

    ALIPAC's US Senate Tracking And Contact List

    Step 2: Express the general anger of Americans! We want your message today to be articulate but one of strong anger. The only legal threat you can make is to remove these Senators from office in the next elections.

    We want you to share the anger and dismay of the American public, but do not go too far with your comments as all calls to DC are monitored by security and even a poor selection of wording can result in law enforcement problems for those that do not practice care expressing their anger.


    "Why is Senator _____ working to support the illegal alien invasion of America with 'Amnesty Bill S. 744' instead of addressing the abuses of power and treason emanating from the White House?"

    "What in the hell is Senator ______ doing focusing all of this attention on trying to help and support illegal aliens with 'Amnesty bill S. 744' when our economy is in shambles and we have a historic number of Americans losing their jobs and homes? You tell Senator _____ that I'm going to make it my personal business to throw him/her out of office if they don't shut down 'Amnesty Bill S. 744' right now!"

    "I can't believe that I'm even having to take time out of my life to make this call to Senator _________. I find it utterly ridiculous and insulting to all Americans that you are up there in DC trying to pass 'Amnesty Bill S. 744' to provide amnesty for illegal aliens and amnesty for the companies that employ them instead of Americans. You should vote to stop S. 744 and order the Senate Sgt-At-Arms to arrest anyone and everyone responsible for writing that treasonous document that will destroy the borders of America forever. When is Senator _______ up for reelection and who is running against them because I want Americans representing me in DC, not illegal alien amnesty supporters!"

    Remember these are paid staffers taking your call, but they need to have a bad two days for the next 48 hours. We want these staffers commenting to their superiors about the wave of angry calls coming in from all across America in reaction to S. 744.

    Be professional, be concise, and be angry, but do not threaten or menace in any way other than politically.

    If you need help getting angry before you make your calls, please review our talking points about this bill to learn what those that wrote S. 744 have in mind for us all!

    ALIPAC's Talking Points Against S. 744

    Let's carry the anger of the nation to DC today!

    Let's Roll ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Please post any questions, comments, or feedback on today's activism alert at this link...
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    Everyone seeing this right now PLEASE CALL Bennet, Michael F. D-CO (202) 224-5852 his staff does not want to hear from those that do not live in his state. The way he votes effects all of us and if he does not want to hear from Americans he should not hold public office!

    I was told by his staffer that I need to call the Senators in my home state! This really makes my blood boil!
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    I am very impressed with your ratings of politicians for their immigration positions. Yesterday was the first I'd heard that Ted Poe of Texas had fallen to the dark side!!! What happened to him??? Money talks??? Wow. Sad.
    Want to make people angry? Lie to them.
    Want to make them absolutely livid? Tell 'em the truth."

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    I'm working on this daily, can't understand the folks in AZ they have the biggest problems going with illegals and yet there senators are for this bill.?
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    I have been calling everyday.

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