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Thread: Americans Demand Trump End Illegal DACA Amnesty Program Today

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    Americans Demand Trump End Illegal DACA Amnesty Program Today

    Americans Demand Trump End Illegal DACA Amnesty Program Today

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    For National Release / March 5, 2018

    American citizens are demanding President Trump honor his campaign promises, oath of office, job responsibilities, and the U.S. Constitution by ending the illegal, unconstitutional DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty program today, March 5, as Trump pledged to do.

    Candidate Trump admitted DACA was unconstitutional and promised to end the illegal Amnesty program on his first day in office, but then decided unilaterally to break that promise. Six months ago today, Trump made a new promise to end DACA on March 5, 2018, if Congress did not make the Amnesty permanent through law.

    Congress rejected DACA Dreamer style Amnesty for illegal immigrants for the seventh time last month and the Trump administation is continuing DACA beyond March 5 thus breaking faith with the American public a second time. This further continuation of DACA strikes a severe self inflicted blow to President Trump's credibility as his duplicity on immigration issues is now on full display to the nation. Media reports indicate that the Trump administation has actually increased the rate of acceptance of DACA Amnesty applicants beyond Obama era levels despite reports that up to 50% of DACA Amnesty applicants are engaging in fraud!

    "DACA is as illegal and unconstitutional today as it was the day Obama created this Amnesty through memos, thus placing the United States under a form of martial law," explained William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Trump could end DACA at any moment by scribbling a note on a napkin nullifying Obama's illegal memos, and there is not a court or Democrat in America that could stop him. DACA is not a law nor an Executive Order and as such, activist judges have no jurisdiction or recourse if President Trump does the right thing by returning America to Constitutional governance. Every American has the right to demand the President enforce all of our existing laws, otherwise our elections, Congress, and laws mean nothing, and we are being taxed without representation."

    Obama admitted DACA was unconstitutional, Trump has admitted DACA is unconstitutional, and in January of 2018 The Washington Times reported both the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security admitted DACA is unconstitutional and must end on March 5!

    In yesterday's The Washington Times, Tyler Q. Houlton spoke for DHS saying, “We have to follow the rules and the letter of the law and injunctions... Our deadline was March 5, but court orders have come in and put injunctions in place, and we’re going to continue to follow the rule of law.”

    This comment is farcical because if the Rule of Law meant anything in America anymore, DACA would not exist at all, and if it meant anything to the politicians running the Department of Homeland Security or the Trump administration, it would have been ended within minutes of President Trump being sworn in 15 months ago!

    While many Americans continue to lose their jobs and lives to illegal immigrants who currently enjoy blanket immunity and Amnesty from America's existing immigration laws via Obama's and now Trump's martial law directives, and DHS employees commit felonies by encouraging illegals to enter and remain in the U.S. unlawfully and helping them gain employment that our current laws forbid, angry American citizens who represent Trump's base of support are demanding DACA be ended today!

    Trump told reporters at a dinner last Saturday, “I love the Dreamers! I’ll be honest. … I really believe the Republicans want to solve this problem — DACA — more than the Democrats and certainly faster. So we’re all working together, and I hope that something’s going to happen. I really do.”

    ALIPAC wishes Trump loved the U.S. Constitution, the existing laws of America, the Angel Families, and the voters who elected him more than "Dreamer" illegal aliens, and points out that his recently expressed affinity for illegal immigrants and Amnesty means he lied about his most important campaign promises to end DACA and oppose Amnesty. Trump's continuation of DACA beyond March 5 is more evidence Trump cannot be trusted on any issue.

    Concerned citizens are calling the White House at (202) 456-1111 and messaging President Trump on Twitter (HERE) and Facebook (HERE) to demand he begin to do his job by enforcing all American immigration laws instead of just the ones he personally approves of today!

    For more information about ALIPAC's efforts to restore Constitutional governance to all Americans by supporting the existing Constitution and immigration laws of the USA, please visit

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