Amnesty Warning! Win in Oregon! Finish Utah! Prep for Indiana!

Friends of ALIPAC,


The Democrats in Washington are gearing up for a new amnesty push. Their goal is to try to quiet the states that are on the move and to override the states that have cracked down.

We have a limited amount of time to remain on offense. Don't be dead weight; get on the phones with us TODAY and Friday!

(Happy Valentines Day! We love you ALIPACers! )


We win & illegals lose in Oregon!

We are pleased to announce that the Oregon state house has passed Senate Bill 1080! This bill will stop illegal aliens from receiving licenses and the Governor has promised to sign the bill.

We would like to thank OFIR (Oregonians for Immigration Reform) for their hard work making this happen. We also want to thank all of the ALIPACers that got on the phones with us over the last few days to help this bill pass!

The list of states overtly offering licenses to illegal aliens is shrinking fast since we have turned them back in Oregon and Michigan.

The current remaining list is Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Mexico, Utah, Washington

It is very important that all ALIPACers in these remaining states make contact with your state Reps and senators quickly to establish communications. Next week we hope to help you use our victories in Michigan, Oregon, and possibly Utah to turn things around in the remaining states!

ALIPAC supporters on the ground in Oregon have asked me to convey their sincere thanks and appreciation to those of you in other states that took the time to help our fellow patriots in Oregon.


We encourage all Oregon residents that support ALIPAC to take two further important steps.

1. Please consider getting involved with OFIR. They are a tried and tested group that has proven themselves in battle. ALIPAC has worked with them for several years. To learn more or get involved contact them via their website at Tell them that ALIPAC sent you.

2. All Oregon residents are encouraged to get behind OFIR's effort to get an important public initiative on the ballot to fight illegal immigration. The initiative is called the "Respect For Law Act". OFIR needs your help to get 83,000 valid signatures by July 08 to qualify for the November ballot.

They have established a website to help with the effort where you can sign and get other Oregonians to sign at


Progress in Utah! More Help Needed!

Lawmakers in Utah have really noticed all of the calls and e-mails coming in from around the nation asking them to pass bills that crack down on illegal immigration.

Many of the lawmakers that are on our side have expressed gratitude for the help!

While we are doing a good job, not enough of you have not responded yet.


If you have not placed calls to the 7 Utah lawmakers yet, click on this link to revisit yesterday's e-mail alert and get your calls, followed by emails in immediately....

Flash Fire Utah: Take 30 minutes to take down the illegals!

ALIPAC hopes to finish our work in Utah today and tomorrow. For ALIPACers on the ground in Utah that wish to continue the local effort, please get in contact with UFIRE at


Get Ready for Indiana!

You will receive another e-mail with specific instructions for an intense battle in Indiana!

We must hit Indiana hard today. Those that have already done your work in Utah, please be ready to lead the way.

Those that still need to complete the work in Utah, please take care of that BEFORE moving on to Indiana with the rest of us.

Please stand by for an important alert to follow.