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Thread: Arrest Obama

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    Arrest Obama

    ALIPAC's illegal alien invasion fighters,

    Obama must be stopped and perhaps if enough Americans expressed their outrage to Congress it could be done. Obama's unlawful amnesty decree has thrown the United States into some kind of totalitarian non Constitutional governance by implementing rules that are not based on Congressional legislation.

    At this time, the immigration policies of the United States are not operating under the auspices of the Constitution, Congress, or We the People and the results are that our Republic, that so many of our ancestors fought and died for, is being overthrown.

    As you read this e-mail, reports indicate that there is a huge surge of unaccompanied children from third world countries rushing our southern border because of Obama's promised lifting of justice for "childhood arrivals." Texas is considering setting up large tent camps to handle this new flow generated by Obama. And since we are stopping Obama's amnesty plans in Congress at this time, Obama is considering more illegal executive orders to pursue his goal of submerging Americans who think like you beneath unending waves of angry illegal aliens willing to say or do anything to take more from Americans.

    And now we have the direct proof that the Obama administration is an accessory to the mass murder of Americans by tens of thousands of illegal aliens, already charged with or convicted of felonies, that he has released from prison in violation of current US laws!

    If this does not mobilize you, nothing will. And if this does not mobilize Congress, nothing will.

    We need tens of thousands of angry calls to Congress today demanding that Congress facilitate the arrest, impeachment, and trial of Barack Obama.

    This is the proper way for us to firmly express the level of our anger. This is the way we can break through the complacency in Congress. Even today, John Boehner.

    Step 1: Read, share, and circulate our press release calling for the arrest of Obama. Please send it to members of Congress and as many local and national press contacts as you can. We are doing our best to get it to members of the media who may respond but we need your help!

    Americans Call for Obama's Arrest For Murder of US Citizens Via Released Illegals

    Step 2: Start with your member of Congress and then move on to the 49 Republicans moving to help Boehner and Obama make the illegal alien invasion of America permanent and more rapid through passing amnesty. Ring the phones off the hook in DC demanding

    "arrest Obama for the all of the murders committed by illegal aliens through his non enforcement of the laws of Congress"

    Call them on the phone, hit the Facebook pages of Congressional reps found with simple searches on their names, send in faxes, and letters. Move now as one, because this is your chance to change the focus from amnesty to Obama's abuses.

    49 GOP traitor contact list--US House

    Full Congress Contact List

    Republican Members of US Senate who voted for Amnesty bill in 2013 list

    Main switchboard number for Congress

    We are breaking through but we need more of you circulating our release, this call for action, and on the phones now! Remember that large volumes of angry calls to Congress demanding the arrest of Barack Obama to protect the public are what is needed!

    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
    FEC ID: C00405878
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    Mr Gheen.

    what are they waiting for ?he should have been impeached long be for this . wake up usa
    South Bx
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    what are they waiting for ?he should have been impeached long be for this . wake up usa
    South Bx
    Of course your correct but we must remember the liberal installed minority ladder depending where you are on this ladder gives special privilege, sort of a get out of jail free card so to speak. The far left is winning the culture war and sadly we conservatives have not spoke out enough.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    Slim Picken's is a disaster; he should have been already Impeached and put on trial by the International Community as well as America

    As much off a failed Presidency Bush was/had; Obama out Bushed Bush and Bush is a convicted War Criminal
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