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Thread: Banned Fox News Guest Releases Statement on Senator Lindsey Graham Revelations

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    Banned Fox News Guest Releases Statement on Senator Lindsey Graham Revelations

    Banned Fox News Guest Releases Statement on Senator Lindsey Graham Revelations

    For Immediate National Release

    Contact: ALIPAC, / (866) 703-0864

    Prior Fox News guest William Gheen is issuing a statement in response to The Wall Street Journal's report of January 14, 2014, written by Laura Meckler that reveals Fox News banned guests who are opponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants and political opponents of Senator Lindsey Graham.

    The article indicates (click here to read) that after Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, came out in support of immigration reform amnesty three years ago, the CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes met several times with Senator Lindsey Graham to discuss controlling the content of Fox News in favor of amnesty legislation.

    "I knew that I was banned from Fox News for my prior successful efforts opposing amnesty legislation," said William Gheen. "I am glad that Senator Lindsey Graham is now telling people the truth, even though I believe he is boasting when he reveals how Roger Ailes banned people like me to help Graham pass amnesty legislation that would permanently destroy America's borders and permanently displace most Fox News viewers in American jobs and elections! I hope that all Americans will be warned that Fox News is neither fair nor balanced, and that totalitarian steps are being taken to silence the voices representing the views of most Fox News viewers."

    William Gheen last appeared on Fox News, after being a regular guest for many years, as the first in studio guest on the historic Election Day of November 2, 2010. While banned from Fox News and other major networks that all support nation destroying amnesty for illegal aliens, ALIPAC and William Gheen continue to broadcast to hundreds of thousands of Americans via social media and email alerts found at

    Anyone that would like to record a complaint about the unethical steps taken by Fox News to silence the opponents of illegal immigrant amnesty can call 888-369-4762

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    People need to be aware of Fox, having watched various news agencies a number of years I can easily tell when I'm being steered in a certain direction.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    Rupert Murdoch, the globalist who owns Fox News said years ago he supports amnesty for illegal aliens, so no, Fox is not fair balanced on illegal immigration, as well as other issues.

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