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Thread: Boom: Trump campaign & BP Council picks up ALIPAC issue of illegal voters

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    Boom: Trump campaign & BP Council picks up ALIPAC issue of illegal voters

    ALIPAC Supporters, (Don't let Monday become our last charge please (Donate Now CLICK HERE)

    We have amazing good news to share! We have just picked up reports that the Trump campaign and National Border Patrol Council have both just picked up and broadcast one of our biggest issues since 2010! It is the same issue that got ALIPAC banned from Fox News when we warned the nation about illegal alien voters as the first in-studio guest on Fox on Election Day 2010! Movement is now occurring because of new articles on the subject becoming headlines on Drudge!

    This is an amazing breakthrough for us because today the rest of America is hearing what we have spent years trying to inform them about.

    Here is where activists are collecting reports...
    ICE Tells Trump Democrats Want Illegals to Vote + Trump says illegal immigration used to rig vote--

    It is time for ALIPAC to release what we know again and the contents of our 12 years of archives on this subject!

    Our funds are very low and our funds drive is lagging terribly, but we are going to come out swinging on this issue and others next Monday EVEN IF ALIPAC IS DESTROYED IN THE PROCESS! We may be destroyed by fighting at this crucial time instead of asking you for funds essential to our organization's operations and existence.

    Our fundraising letters are arriving in your mailboxes and you are either receiving and reading these emails or not. YOU WILL DECIDE IF THIS BECOMES OUR LAST CHARGE. Many thanks to all of you that have gotten us this far with special thanks to all of you that have posted contents on our site (See special thank you here)

    We have a generous donor offering $1,000 in matching funds so please make a swift secure online donation or mail your donation in fast to have it doubled up to 1k!


    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Volunteers
    (866) 703-0864

    PS: While most computer models show Hurricane Mathew missing North Carolina, 8 models now show it hitting us within next 48 hours. If that happens we could lose power and contact with you but will fight to restore operations as fast as possible. PLEASE DONATE NOW AHEAD OF THE STORM TO HELP US BE READY TO COME OUT SWINGING HARD ON MONDAY!
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