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Thread: The Border Battles are now raging on X!

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    The Border Battles are now raging on X!

    Heads up all ALIPAC organized American Defenders!

    (Remember that if your email provider turns off the active links in our emails, you can find copies with active source links in Announcements (HERE) at the top of

    The national battle against the Biden-Harris open borders and illegal immigration invasion overthrow of the 2024 elections is raging on Twitter no,w named X! We told you Musk freeing the Twitter platform could be a game changer and ,now that's happening and t,here are plenty of free opportunities for you to help and get in the fight on X!

    Elon Musk just struck two great hits for our pro-America team by commenting about the destroyed borders in a way that tens of millions of people are seeing and A,LIPAC activists are in the mix boosting those signals with our likes, comments, retweets, sharing, opinions, and analysis.

    Here are the two Musk comments on the border that just reached more people than Fox News or Drudge Report ever did in the past. (Tucker Carlson used to get 3 million views a night on Fox as the top cable news show and Drudge Report only gets 1-2 million unique visitors per month)

    Musk Border Post 1 with 55.1 million views so far (HERE)

    Musk Border Post 2 with 39.3 million views so far (HERE)

    Use your existing or newly created X account to like, comment on, share, and fight the pro-invasion trolls on these posts above to fight for America's borders.

    Our account @ALIPAC is reaching more people and slowly growing now although we suspect there are some legacy censorship tools still applied to our account and Twitter's content team is refusing to tell us why they canceled our ad to promote our Impeach Biden meme (View HERE).

    However, our effort to publicize our video clip of Col. McGreggor and Tucker Carlson discussing how illegal aliens are being paid $2,200+ (VIEW HERE) while average US citizen Social Security recipients has gone viral on Facebook and been seen through our activists and online ads campaigns more than 150,000 times!

    There is now a small army of (probably well-paid) "immigration experts" trying to confront us on Twitter and recent exchanges with one of their minions led to a "fact check" being circulated and even run in the Washington Post claiming that Tucker Carlson, Col McGregor, and ALIPAC are all wrong!

    The invasion cabal is desperate to stop this information from spreading and is now playing strong defense reacting to us... which is excellent news!!!

    Please consider getting in the Border Battles on X with us to lend your knowledge, experience, and pro-America opinions with the following activism steps.

    1. Create and begin using a free account under your name or a nickname alias at

    2. (optional) Consider signing up for the $8 a month blue checkmark to support the platform or run some occasional ads to boost your content or content you think may help our national fight against illegal immigration.

    3. Follow others to gain more followers for your account and make sure you follow, react to, and help boost posts we make...


    4. Post links to materials in our archives at as much as possible, especially our materials about illegal alien voters, big tech censorship, and pro-Amnesty politicians. You can help drive traffic to our home base leading more Americans to join ALIPAC and our fight!

    5. Engage the illegal immigration invasion supporting activists, groups, biased reporters, politicians, and influences with fact-filled logic. Engage them within the civil rules of Twitter and let others see you pushing back against the liars.

    The border battles are raging on Twitter / X and we encourage all ALIPAC supporters to sign up and join the fight on that platform.

    We will leave no ground uncontested.

    William Gheen and the Team
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