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    Call Your Senators to oppose new DC Amnesty legislation

    Americans who oppose the illegal immigration invasion onslaught at our borders and the treasonous betrayals of our nation by Biden Harris should join our activists on the phones to the US Senate today to oppose new Amnesty legislation.

    Call your US Senators, and then as many others as possible and spread the word.

    Contact Info

    (Remember to call and then send a written version of your message)

    "I'm calling/writing to oppose the immigration expansion language the House put into the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) bill heading to the Senate, the Farmworker Amnesty supported by Senators Crapo (R-ID) and Bennett (D-CO), and the broader Democrats are drawing up in the House.

    Amnesty for illegal aliens will only bring more illegal immigration, broken borders, and tens of millions of people from third-world areas into our communities and homes. Tell Senator _______ that I will be voting AGAINST any lawmaker supporting these Amnesties this November!

    Background Info on each of the three Amnesties at...

    Let's roll, ALIPAC activists!
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