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Thread: Calls for GOP Primary Challengers for 150 Republicans who voted for Omnibus

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    Calls for GOP Primary Challengers for 150 Republicans who voted for Omnibus

    Calls for GOP Primary Challengers for 150 Republicans who voted for Omnibus

    December 21, 2015

    Contact: ALIPAC |
    (866) 703-0864

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling for GOP primary challengers to announce and file to run against the 150 Republican members of Congress that voted to fund Obama's unconstitutional amnesty orders (DACA) and Muslim refugee resettlement programs despite massive public and conservative opposition!

    Most of the Republicans voting to fund Obama's invasion operations were already targeted on ALIPAC's unprecedented Cantor List (click to view) for their support for amnesty. ALIPAC's standing endorsements for lawmakers like Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) are being dropped tomorrow and lawmakers that voted for the Omnibus Spending Bill are being moved from the endorsement list to the Cantor List.

    "Every single name on the list of Republicans that voted for this 2 Trillion dollar spending bill that the Democrats like Schumer and Obama are praising are now vulnerable to defeat in primaries like Eric Cantor," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "It is only a matter of qualified candidates running against them in the primary and informing enough voters that these Republicans voted to fund Obama's illegal immigrant and Muslim refugee resettlement programs. These sellout Republicans have made a huge mistake voting for this on top of the huge surge in public anger at DC politicians that have betrayed their constituents!"

    ALIPAC is also repeating the organization's earlier call, from Oct. 29, for a primary challenger for Speaker Paul Ryan who supports amnesty for illegal immigrants including support in the form of funding Obama's Constitution and law violating orders that mirror failed amnesty legislation!

    ALIPAC called on lawmakers to vote against the Omnibus spending bill because it fully funds
    Obama's unconstitutional illegal alien amnesty orders called DACA. Omnibus also funds sanctuary cities for illegal aliens which makes murders of Americans like Kate Steinle and thousands of others each year possible, funds all refugee programs including the Syrian refugee resettlement considered to be rife with exploitation by terrorists that want to mass murder Americans. The funding bill also quadruples unskilled immigrant labor immigration levels which will throw more American blue collar workers out of jobs while funding Obama's efforts to resettle border surge illegal immigrant minors that are entering in larger numbers. The bill fails to fund the promised 700 miles of improved border fencing while continuing to fund IRS tax rebates for illegals!

    "Any of these politicians can be beaten in the GOP primaries of 2016 by almost any qualified candidates that are sincere in their promises to oppose about everything Obama and his Omnibus backing Republican sellouts have supported in this bill!" said William Gheen.

    ALIPAC has prepared a list of GOP lawmakers that voted for the Omnibus at this link...

    ALIPAC is also circulating a list showing the Filing Deadlines for Congress at...


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