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Thread: Calls to Prosecute Obama for Fast & Furious scandal & murder of Brian Terry

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    Calls to Prosecute Obama for Fast & Furious scandal & murder of Brian Terry

    Alert ALIPAC Activists: We need an immediate large wave of donations ranging from $10 to $100 or more because our current funding levels are too low for us to endorse candidates today as we had hoped! We have six federal candidates waiting for our endorsement and support, and each of them could be the one to take down an Eric Cantor style Amnesty supporter! Please help us help them by donating right away at--


    We have some great news to report! Attorney General Jeff Sessions has just turned over important documents involving Obama's criminal gun smuggling operation called Fast and Furious, which contributed to the death of our Border Patrol agent Brian Terry! remains the world's largest archive of information about illegal immigration, and we have the largest collection of info about Fast and Furious and Terry's murder. (View Archive)

    If you agree with ALIPAC that Barack Obama should be prosecuted for using six different federal agencies and U.S. taxpayer monies to buy thousands of military grade assault and sniper rifles for Mexican drug cartels, please read & circulate this article--

    Trump administration to turn over documents related to Obama-era Operation Fast and Furious

    --then call the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to say,

    "I want Barack Obama prosecuted for the Fast & Furious Scandal and murder of agent Brian Terry!"

    Member list with phone numbers--

    Many of our ALIPAC e-mail alert recipients joined us through our Facebook Page titled, "Prosecute Obama," which has over 400,000 supporters! Please use e-mail and our Social Media pages to circulate this meme to inform more Americans!

    Share/discuss by email or on (Facebook HERE) ... (Twitter HERE) .. (GAB HERE) ..(ALIPAC HERE)

    Please remember that ALIPAC's fight to secure America's borders from drug cartels, illegal immigration, and open borders politicians and power brokers depends on YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS to fund our operations!

    Please donate today via--


    Mobile Devices

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    This is just one of MANY reasons to arrest and lock up Barry Sotero.

    We want his records UNSEALED and expose the fraud and liar he is.

    Also, expose Nancy Pelosi's hand in SEALING those records!


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