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    Civil Rights Groups Asked To Stop Targeting Innocent People With Lies and Violence

    Civil Rights Groups Asked To Stop Targeting Innocent People With Lies and Violence

    August 24, 2012

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
    (866) 703-0864 /

    Civil rights groups which believe that false and defamatory rhetoric can inspire violence and abuse towards targeted groups and individuals are being called out for intentionally practicing what they preach against!

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), a target of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League(ADL), is calling on these groups to stop targeting and defaming nonviolent racially inclusive organizations and activists and to stop misrepresenting the scale and scope of supposed "hate" and "extremist" groups in America.

    ALIPAC is nationally releasing an article today that explains the situation in greater detail, which can be read online by press, lawmakers, and concerned citizens.

    'SPLC and ADL Exposed for Violence Inspiring Defamation and Lies'

    "The SPLC and ADL have become notorious for distorting the facts in a clear effort to put people they disagree with politically in danger of social, political, and violent abuse and repression," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "They are eagerly engaging in omission lies and loose associations to portray Christians, conservatives, and citizens of all walks of life who support immigration law and border enforcement as potential violent racists associated with the KKK or Neo-Nazis. The only thing more repugnant than racism is the false allegation of racism."

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is on the SPLC's hit list of "Nativist Extremist" groups, which the SPLC claims is for over 173 groups that target individual illegal immigrants for abuse. ALIPAC has never abused an illegal immigrant, is a multi-racial organization that actively appeals to Americans of all races to unify against illegal immigration, openly works with black and Hispanic leaders and organizations, speaks out against racism and extremism on a regular basis, and has leadership that has worked in civil rights campaigns.

    The ADL claims that ALIPAC is "backed by neo-nazis" because of a handful of anonymous postings on open source internet forums that link to ALIPAC's website. ALIPAC has no control over such posts, the authors of the postings are unverified, and ALIPAC has openly asked racist websites to not post materials or links. The ADL and SPLC are aware of these facts but cast them aside in their effort to smear ALIPAC and many other activists and organizations.

    Being targeted and smeared by the ADL and SPLC can result in threats of violence against their innocent targets, negatively impact employment or employment opportunities, damage personal relationships, and lead to censorship of their targets in the media. The ADL's and SPLC's elaborate smear campaigns appear to be intended to negatively impact the civil rights or their political opposition.

    ALIPAC's exclusive article illustrates that simple inspection shows the majority of groups the SPLC lists as "Nativist Extremist" groups are not actually extremist groups, not actually groups by any definition of the word, and may not have ever existed at all. Broader study of the SPLC's alleged "Hate Group" map is being encouraged since local analysis has found several of these do not exist.

    "We are about to organize Americans on a whole new level to fight back against the threat to American civil rights posed by the ADL and SPLC that now represent the height of hypocrisy," said William Gheen. "These two groups have become almost everything they say they were originally formed to fight against. Their abuse of the truth, their defamation of innocent people and groups, and their violence and civil liberty damaging rhetoric must end."

    All American media, government, and law enforcement agencies are being advised that information provided by the ADL and SPLC is likely to be factually incorrect and often politically calculated propaganda. For more information or to schedule interviews please visit

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