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    Coalition Asks Congress To Stop Silicon Valley Corporate Civil Rights Abuses

    Coalition Asks Congress To Stop Silicon Valley Corporate Civil Rights Abuses

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    For National Release | August 31, 2018

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and Oath Keepers are announcing an unprecedented coalition effort to pressure Congress, President Trump, and the Justice Department to protect the civil rights of American conservatives and US elections from the pervasive pattern of censorship and shadow banning being conducted by Silicon Valley corporations against American citizens.

    This first of its kind effort will involve activists contacting DC offices by phone and in writing from their homes, and in person in Washington to express the need for American freedoms of speech, of the online press, and of association to be protected from the left-wing bias of companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, and others.

    Volunteers will be on the ground in Washington, DC, Oct 2-4, and other non-violent racially inclusive groups, bloggers, and online media outlets are invited to join ALIPAC and Oath Keepers in open coalition or to conduct their own efforts independently as part of this effort. Calls will begin today to GOP members of the Senate Intelligence Committee who will be confronting executives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter in a hearing next Wednesday, Sept. 5.

    Citizens, bloggers, pundits, media platforms, small companies, and grass-roots organizations will express their own stories of abuse from these highly politicized companies, and will ask our government to enter these documented censorship reports into the Congressional Record, hold extensive hearings on the matter, and seek legal remedies to stop Facebook, Twitter, Google, PayPal, and any other global corporations from targeting and diminishing the free speech rights of Americans based on their creed as Christians, Republicans, conservatives, and non-socialists.

    Possible steps the Trump administration and Congress could take include but are not limited to Congressional hearings, investigations by the DOJ Civil Rights division, new regulations, loss of tax breaks for Silicon Valley corporations, and anti-trust measures.

    Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers and William Gheen of ALIPAC issued this joint statement:

    "America is facing the biggest threat to free speech we've ever faced from these new and powerful corporate technologies that are dominated by partisan Democrats, socialists, offshore agencies, and imported foreign labor. These companies have the power to control what information and opinions reach American audiences and who is silenced
    orshadow banned. They have unregulated, unrestrained power to influence legislation and the outcome of elections and they have made it clear they are willing to abuse their power to violate the civil rights of the tens of millions of Americans who share my views on immigration issues."

    ALIPAC and Oath Keepers will release more information about the negative impacts their organizations have experienced from Silicon Valley corporations next Monday. These organizations contend that Silicon Valley social media and online companies should operate under the same laws and restrictions that prevent phone companies, power companies, and even retailers like Walmart from providing unequal services to American citizens based on race, gender, national origins, age, and religious or political creeds.

    Last week Facebook's censorship made headlines in the Washington Times and Breitbart due to a false charge of "hate speech" Facebook applied to William Gheen President of ALIPAC's account regarding the illegal alien murder of Molly Tibbetts in Iowa. Facebook reviewed the charge, apologized, and lifted the restrictions after being contacted by the media, yet never restored Gheen's comments (View) as promised.

    For more information about this first effort to organize many Americans to lobby DC lawmakers to take action to protect American civil rights and liberties from abuse by global communications companies, please visit and

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