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Thread: Coalition Lists Groups & Pundits Censored By Silicon Valley Democrats

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    Coalition Lists Groups & Pundits Censored By Silicon Valley Democrats

    Coalition Lists Groups & Pundits Censored By Silicon Valley Democrats

    For National Release | September 20, 2018

    Share this press release & meme by e-mail and at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

    The coalition of groups going to Washington, DC, Oct 2-4 to lobby GOP lawmakers, DOJ, and the White House to take swift and decisive action to curtail Democrat dominated Silicon Valley corporation cyber censorship of conservatives is compiling a list of victims to share with the media and the American public.

    The List of Conservative Victims of Silicon Valley Company Censorship is under construction, growing rapidly, posted at the top of ALIPAC's Announcement section, contains details and documentation, and available at this link--

    ALIPAC and Oath Keepers have both been targeted by companies like PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and in response are now organizing a first of its kind lobbying effort in Washington to oppose Silicon Valley censorship.

    Oath Keepers and ALIPAC believe these companies are using their vast power, wealth, and surveilance state technologies, to provide unequal services to Americans, discriminate against Americans based on creed, and attempt to take control of US elections, laws, and policies.

    Groups, pundits, activists, and average citizens who feel they have been treated unfairly and unequally by Silicon Valley companies are encouraged to take the following steps.

    Step 1: Create a written document online providing detailed descriptions and documentation of Silicon Valley corporation bias. That information can be published online in many places including the ALIPAC Discussion Groups at

    Step 2: Send hard copies of these bias reports to the media and GOP lawmakers in DC along with the US Department of Justice, the White House, and your state's Attorney General.

    Step 3: Notify of your bias complaints for inclusion in the List of Conservatives Censored by Silicon Valley companies Facebook, Google, Twitter, & PayPal.

    The list of victims of Silicon Valley totalitarian abuses will be updated daily in the run-up to the October 2-4 lobbying effort. A copy of the list will be provided to government regulatory agencies and GOP lawmakers. Groups and activists who wish to join the coalition should contact William Gheen of ALIPAC or Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers.

    The List currently contains names and documentation links for 44 victims of Silicon Valley censorship which includes, but is not limited to:

    Oath Keepers
    Center for Immigration Studies
    President Donald Trump
    Ann Coulter
    Alex Jones & Infowars
    Milo Yiannopoulos
    Dennis Michael Lynch
    Prager University
    GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn
    Diamond and Silk
    Laura Loomer
    The Tennessee Star online newspaper
    "Activist Mommy" Elizabeth Johnston
    California Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng
    Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute Daniel McAdams
    Overpasses for America
    Ex-Muslims of North America
    Canadian intelligence expert and prominent anti-Islamist researcher Tom Quiggin
    Jihad Watch
    David Horowitz of FrontPage magazine
    James Allsup
    Lauren Southern
    Steven Crowder
    Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin
    Mike Cernovich
    Paul Joseph Watson
    TGP's Jim Hoft
    Jack Posobiec
    Mark Dice
    Stefan Molyneux
    #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka
    Larry Klayman of FreedomwatchHuman Coalition
    Pastor Rich Penkoski of West Virginia
    Steven Andrew, a conservative Christian Silicon Valley entrepreneur
    The Declaration of Independence
    Wes Cook band's song "I Stand For The Flag"
    Lila Rose of Live Action
    Operation Rescue
    Republican Party chair Ronna McDaniel
    GOP Rep. Mark Meadows
    GOP Rep. Jim Jordan
    GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz
    Trump Jr.’s spokesman Andrew Surabian
    ACT! for America founder Brigitte Gabriel
    LifeSite News
    Islam critic Pamela Geller
    Legal Insurrection
    Turning Point USA director of communications Candace Owens

    (This list and communication is Paid For by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC FEC ID C00405878 and does not convey any endorsement or agreement with positions or actions of those listed past, present, or future.)

    For more information about the DC lobbying coalition, ALIPAC's efforts to curtail illegal immigration, Amnesty, and Silicon Valley censorship efforts to silence illegal immigration opponents, please visit and

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