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Thread: DC Mall Amnesty Push Backfires: Lead the charge against their amnesty

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    DC Mall Amnesty Push Backfires: Lead the charge against their amnesty

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    The Lord has seen fit to give us all a very narrow opportunity to slay the amnesty giant with a political stone today. If enough of you will hear our call and respond, the strategic mistake of the AFL-CIO & SEIU Amnesty supporters can turn the tide against the plan for more than 30 GOP traitors to vote with most Democrats to pass amnesty in the next 60 days!

    There is a huge public backlash in reaction to the news illegal aliens and their supporters were allowed to rally on the DC Mall yesterday in support of amnesty legislation when that same mall was closed to American citizens and taxpayers like us! You must seize this opportunity!

    Step 1: Please read, understand, and help circulate ALIPAC's national press release designed to spread the word and harness the backlash...

    (Share copies with your contacts, local media, and favorite national media)
    DC Mall Amnesty Push Backfires Derailing Immigration Reform Chances in 2013

    Step 2: We must flood the more than 30 GOP members of Congress we have identified as working to help Obama pass amnesty for illegal aliens with an unprecedented number of calls, calls, calls, followed by written complaints!

    Regardless of any excuses or defenses their staff may offer, you need to tie these GOP members of Congress to the illegal aliens on the DC Mall yesterday.

    Sample Message

    "I'm calling/writing to ask Congressman __________ to stop supporting Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens. Since Congressman _____ now supports a path to citizenship or legal status for illegals (See sources on our list if you need documentation) as do the AFL-CIO and SEIU illegal alien supporter that were on our DC Mall this week, can you tell me if he/she authorized that rally? Did Congressman ____ attend or authorize the event on the DC Mall calling for legislation that gives amnesty to illegal alien this year since I have documentation showing he supports that too?"

    Call them, write them, and fully assert that these 30+ GOP Traitors are tied to that event. Ask them if they were there and ask them if they helped authorize it.

    Whether they attended or not, the truth is that rally was in support of legislation that each of these GOP traitors have indicated their support for and it is up to you to ...


    ALIPAC's List of 32 GOP Sellouts helping Obama with Amnesty

    Get everyone you can on the phones today through Friday hitting these 32 office over the DC Mall incident!

    Let's roll, ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Don't forget there are 3 major protests against Obama converging this weekend that you can support, details at...
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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