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Thread: Demand Geraldo Rivera Be Fired for threatening violence on air

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    Demand Geraldo Rivera Be Fired for threatening violence on air

    Geraldo Rivera is a pro-amnesty and pro-illegal immigration Hispanic supremacist. He is also a projection racist who stays busy calling other people "racist" while hoping to distract from his own racism.

    Now he has really gone too far by threatening another Fox News employee with violence due to his opinions against illegal immigration.

    Please watch the video at this link....

    Then contact Fox News to demand Geraldo Rivera be fired for threatening violence on the air!

    888 369-4762

    The ALIPAC Team


    PAC Calls for Geraldo Rivera to be fired for threats of violence on air

    July 13, 2015

    Contact: ALIPAC (866) 703-0864

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling for Fox News to terminate the employment of Geraldo Rivera due to his threats of violence made on air against a coworker debating the issue of illegal immigration during "The Five Show" today!

    Geraldo Rivera's video is being circulated by social media and can be seen here (click to view).

    In the video, Geraldo is seen accusing Jesse Watters of exploiting Kate Steinle’s death because Watters is concerned that Americans are being killed by illegal aliens. Steinle was killed by an illegal that had been deported five times but was back in America armed with a federal agent's .40 handgun used for the murder!

    Geraldo Rivera then threatens to assault Eric Bolling when Bolling comes to Watter's defense... Geraldo exclaims "Are you talking to me? You're lucky that you're my friend or I'd knock you out right now!"

    "Geraldo Rivera has made a direct threat of physical violence on live television seen by millions and that is behavior that no company or news agency should tolerate!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "If Geraldo can threaten violence without consequences from his employer or termination of employment, then Fox News Corporation is sending a message across America that threats of violence from illegal immigrant supporters like Geraldo are acceptable, and that could put the company in a legally actionable position should others follow Geraldo's style of violent outbursts."

    Many different national organizations constantly claim that the tone of the immigration debate and the rhetoric used in the debate is putting the health and lives of illegal immigrants in danger. They claim that right leaning groups use "code words" of hate designed to stimulate violence against "immigrants" that has never been documented to manifest on any significant scale.

    But here in the case of Geraldo Rivera and Fox News, we have an illegal immigrant advocate making direct threats of violence against a coworker in reaction to Eric Bolling's opposition to illegal alien crimes and criminals!

    ALIPAC is calling on activists across America to contact Fox News at 1-888-369-4762 and via their Facebook page and Twitter accounts to demand Fox News fire Geraldo Rivera.

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    But... but... but...I thought the Pro-amnesty crowd was so tolerant! HAH!
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    They are tolerant if its their cause.
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    remind fox that he drew a line in the sand on the way to Iraq putting out troops in danger. He Published a disgusting selfie like Weiner did,and now he makes a terrorist threat to another employee and they still do nothing about him. Remind them that we have a lot of reliable independent media to watch and listen to without the political correctness of Fox.
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    I called Fox about Jeh-raldo. Couldn't get a live person but left a message DEMANDING that they fire him that was the verbal equivalent of an unanesthetized colonoscopy!
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