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    Demand GOP Senators Stop Facebook, Twitter, & Google Abuses of Free Speech

    Make your calls, tweets, and Facebook posts then share this call to action on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) ... (GAB HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE)

    Tomorrow, Sept 5, 2018, executives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google (click on each company for more info) are testifying before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. (<--Oxymoron)

    While the main focus on the meeting is supposed to be about "foreign influence campaigns and disinformation online ahead of the midterm elections in November," we need to pressure the Senators below to...

    "Tell Facebook, Google, & Twitter to stop using their corporate power to shadow ban and censor conservatives in an effort to sway the outcome of legislation and elections!"

    This is your chance to flood the targeted offices below with calls and materials that could lead to positive changes for those of us being silenced by these powerful global socialist corporations.

    Call each Senate office below to say, "I want Senator _____ to tell the executives of Facebook, Google, and Twitter to stop attacking the free speech rights of American conservatives on their platforms in an effort to sway elections and legislation to the left!"

    CALL, Tweet, and Facebook post NOW WHILE YOU HAVE TIME TO INFLUENCE THE ACTIONS OF THESE GOP SENATORS (ON THE COMMITTEE) TOMORROW! You may also want to post or send in articles about these companies censoring conservatives for them to cite in the meeting.

    Tom Cotton (202) 224-2353

    Jim Risch (202) 224-2752

    Roy Blunt
    (202) 224-5721

    James Lankford (202) 224-5754

    Richard Burr (202) 224-3154

    Marco Rubio 202-224-3041

    Susan Collins (202)224-2523
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