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Thread: Democrat Defense of Illegal Alien Killers Shameful & Dangerous

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    Democrat Defense of Illegal Alien Killers Shameful & Dangerous

    Democrat Defense of Illegal Alien Killers Shameful & Dangerous

    Facebook suspends comments from William Gheen for 24 hours accusing "Hate Speech" violation.

    Share & discuss this meme and release by e-mail and on (BLOCKED ON FACEBOOK) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

    For National Release | August 23, 2018

    Americans for Legal Immigration ( is decrying leftist media and Democrats who are actively trying to defend the illegal alien murder of Mollie Tibbetts, who was killed as a direct result of the American government's overt failure to secure our borders, enforce existing immigration laws, and defend all states and citizens from invasion and invaders as required by Article IV (Sec 4) of the Constitution.

    Yesterday, AOL News ran a story about Mollie Tibbetts's aunt Billie Jo Calderwood posting a Facebook comment saying "Please remember, Evil comes in EVERY color." to which ALIPAC responded--

    "Please do not make this about race, Billie Jo Calderwood. Many Americans are fighting to stop the thousands of murders of US citizens by illegals that occur each year due to our government's failure to enforce the existing border and immigration laws of America. We hope you will join the other grieving Angel Families who are fighting to prevent crimes like the one that befell Mollie due to the special interests fueling illegal immigration in America. Prayers for your family at this difficult time. For most of us, it is not about race or color. It is about the laws designed to protect all Americans."

    At the time of this press release, Facebook logged William Gheen of ALIPAC out of the organization's account and blocked posting privileges for 24 hours claiming Gheen's response to Billie Joe Calderwood violates Facebook's "Hate Speech" policies!

    Facebook Notice

    William Gheen's "Hate Speech" response to Tibbetts's aunt now censored from Facebook

    Mollies' aunt's comment that William Gheen responded to--

    Today, CNN is running a story where they went shopping for comments from Mollie's relatives and friends to address the "racism" CNN falsely implies this debate is about.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren dismissed the illegal alien murder of Mollie Tibbetts as not being among the real problems presented by illegal immigration and an MSNBC host dismissed concerns about Tibbetts murder, referring to her as "that girl in Iowa."

    On social media, leftists are confronting Americans who believe Mollie's murder is a result of a lack of national security that could take loved ones from any American at any time. Leftists argue that concerns over Mollie Tibbetts's murder are based on racism and that since Americans commit murders too, there is no reason to be concerned about Mollie's death.

    "It is shameful to see so many leftists in the media and online defending illegal alien murders, rapes, and other crimes that affect the safety and security of every American of every race," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "The leftist media is angry that Americans get to learn that Mollie was killed by illegal aliens because they actively censor these illegal immigration vectored murders 99% of the time. They want this story to go away so they can continue to keep most Americans in the dark about the thousands of US citizens killed by illegals each year due to those who support illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, Amnesty, open borders, and the non-enforcement of our laws designed to protect American jobs and lives from foreign invaders."

    Some leftists are even trying to argue that illegals commit fewer crimes than American born citizens, although that is not the focus of this debate.

    Many Americans may feel these stories are being sensationalized because the media prevents 99% of the illegal alien murders in America from reaching large audiences, but the murders of Tibbetts and Steinle are no surprise to activists who have researched this issue.

    ALIPAC contends that the numerous violent crimes against Americans by illegal immigrants are unacceptable regardless of scale or data manipulation, and that illegal alien crimes are the result of lax border security and interior immigration law enforcement.

    The leftists and Democrats arguing on behalf of illegal alien criminals are creating a dangerous condition in America that shares blame, shame, and culpability in the crimes the illegal immigrants they support and defend commit.

    To learn more about the thousands of Americans killed by open borders and de facto Amnesty policies each year, or to schedule interviews, please visit
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    If these illegals were NOT on our soil...then Mollie would be alive!

    Kate would be alive.

    Jamile would be alive.

    Sarah Root would be alive!

    The list is long of US citizens who are murdered by ILLEGAL aliens!

    This IS about illegal immigration!

    Whose identity did he steal!

    Who is his girlfriend he has a child with! Is she illegal...ICE go get her and deport her and that minor!


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